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CinemaCon 2017: Superhero Movie Reboot Fever

As CinemaCon concludes, fans of comic book and sci-fi movies received a slew of major announcements. Most recently, several Geeki-scoops that our own on-site Geekiverse reporters acquired: that several major franchises will be undergoing hard reboots for various reasons.

First off, 20th Century Fox spoke on plans to reboot and recast the character of Wolverine. Following the major critical and financial success of Hugh Jackman’s swan song to the role in “Logan”, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg noted to our own Josiah LeRoy that:

“‘Logan’ has put Wolverine front and center in the world superhero cinema again, and we feel the time is now to deliver to fans what they want: more of the beloved character. James [Mangold] wrote us into a corner with his kind of selfish finale to the movie, even though it was well done. But we’ll be looking to introduce a new actor to the role, bring younger Wolverine back for more adventures, and maybe even introduce a classic comic book suit or two”


Fans will surely miss Jackman in the iconic role, but we can now look forward to a new take on the character from some new talent.

But X-Men is far from the only series revealed to be receiving the reboot treatment from Fox this week. Kinberg also dropped the bombshell that the Fantastic Four will return. In an earnest “No really, THIS time!” spirit from the studio, Fox will desperately cling tight to the FF franchise, away from the new life this property could receive at Marvel Studios if the rights were to lapse.

However Fox will be taking measures to ensure a promising and uneventful production. So the announcement was also made that, even though he was previously in talks to direct “Suicide Squad 2” for Warner Bros, Fox is in final negotiations with Mel Gibson to helm this new beginning to the Fantastic Four. Kinberg and the rest of the team at Fox are hopeful this will avoid any of the controversies like they encountered with director Josh Trank from their previous reboot attempt.

But Fox is only the first part in the load of reboot reveals the Geekiverse were able to Geeki-report at this week’s CinemaCon. The Geekiverse spoke to Kevin Feige, who had this to say to Jamie LeRoy once Amy Pascal was out of earshot:

“We should all really look forward to seeing Tom Holland in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, but after that we’ve got plans for one last reboot for Spidey…despite our best efforts in this new incarnation, Sony just won’t take our advice and stop with workshopping these bizarre spinoff ideas from the SpiderVerse”


So there you have it – following up on recent reports of an ongoing attempt at a Venom project and other off-shoot films, Marvel will reboot the famous web-slinger one more time to shake off any remaining strands connected to Sony’s side of the franchise. The film is expected to be title “Spider-Man: One More Day”. Tom Holland is not expected to be carried over.


We considered these measures by Marvel to be somewhat extreme, that is until we spoke with Warner Bros.

Friend of the show and also forced exile Zack Snyder spoke to Geeki-fatty Trevor White, and in a most alarming Geeki-scoop, had this to say on this new film “Justice League”:

“[Justice] League has been a blast to make, we’ve all been having a good time, working hard to take fan feedback from BvS into account. I’ve been trying to balance that with my own personal creative vision. But I’ve just been informed by the studio that may not be enough, as it turns out…”


These comments raised our Geeki-brows, and as it turns out, Snyder’s tentpole WB film “Justice League” will be pushed back indefinitely from its November 2017 release date.

This has yet to be confirmed, but industry sources indicate that, fearful of fan backlash toward any given decision they happen to make, WB have decided to preemptively reboot Justice League and the rest of the DCEU before Snyder’s film even releases.

We have reached out to Warner Bros for comment, and will update this article as Geeki-developments occur.

CinemaCon week was truly a series of bombshell announcements from major studios. Many fans question the decisions to put so many thriving and still new franchises through hard reboots. This alarmingly trend though gave us a hopeful Geeki-thought. Geekiverse man on the ground at CinemaCon Jeff Pawlak Geeki-darted over to Paramount Pictures, found some producers and asked the million dollar Geeki-question… ”ARE YOU REBOOTING TRANSFORMERS?!?”.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura said to us:

“No! As a matter of fact, fans will surely be thrilled to hear that we have just signed Michael Bay onto direct 3 more films in the beloved Transformers franchise, with an option at the end of his contract for 7 more”


Geekiverse correspondent Jeff resigned his gaze, softly nodded, and slowly paced away from Bonaventura. Alas, it appears any creative restart to the Transformers movies is again out-of-sight for fans, so continuing the baffling legacy of the franchise that eats negative opinions and poops them out into cold hard cash.


Despite their disappointment, the Geekiverse team acquired some amazing scoops this week regarding the future of some of our favorite franchises. There was one bit of news that slipped out more recently though…

In the midst of Warner Bros, Fox and even Disney performing so many franchise reboots, something had to get cut. So, the Geekiverse crew was flying back home from CinemaCon, it was reported that Disney’s soft reboot to staff favorite “The Rocketeer” had been quietly cancelled.

We immediately reached out Rocketeer superfan Seth Zielinski on every available line, and have not heard back. Please notify us if you speak with him. All we’ve seen from him since the announcement is this cryptic tweet:


DM us with any information. Thank you.

Seth Zielinski was a content and video producer for the Geekiverse. He lived a long life, and will be missed. Soar with Secord himself now, Cap. *salute*

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