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The Top Games & Series We Want To See Receive The Halo: The Master Chief Collection Treatment

You know, without the whole online server debacle…..

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Bayonetta 2 Review

When Devil May Cry 3 came out way back in 2005, I was sure that no action game could possibly top its smooth, fast action and over-the-top characters and gameplay.  Then, in 2009, I picked up the first Bayonetta.  I was absolutely blown away by Bayonetta’s furiously paced combat and the shear outrageousness of it all.  I was sold.  I was in love.  Now, Bayonetta 2 has come along to quench gamers’ thirst for action insanity.

Bayonetta 2 sees the titular character again fighting through hordes of angels.  Only this time, there appears to be something wrong with the balance of the game’s Trinity of Realities (Inferno, the Human World, and Paradiso), as angel/demon attacks and natural disasters have been occurring more frequently.  In fact, the story starts out with one of these attacks, and Bayonetta’s friend Jeanne ends up sacrificing herself to save Bayonetta.  As a result, her soul is dragged down to Hell.  This doesn’t sit well with our Bayonetta, so she decides to travel into Hell itself to rescue her friend.  Just another day in the life.

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Hyrule Warriors Review

Throw out the puzzles and draw your weapons; Hyrule Warriors is bringing the fight to The Legend of Zelda!

It’s a collaboration that has baffled just as many as it has delighted—a merging of Nintendo’s iconic action/adventure franchise with the hack ‘n’ slash gameplay of Koei’s Warriors series. It means that puzzle solving, exploration, dungeon crawling, among other staples in The Legend of Zelda are absent in favor of a pure action experience.

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Pokémon Meets Tekken: Pokkén Tournament Announcement Trailer

This is one of those “I didn’t know I needed it until I saw it,” situations. The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Bandi Namco to bring us an all new Pokémon fighting game: Pokkén Tournament. 

The game’s debut trailer seen above is pretty awesome. In my eyes, today’s fighting games are getting old. Granted, this isn’t a genre that I play much of, but I think a Pokémon title is a much needed refresh. Of course, being a huge Pokémon fan, I’m excited.

Pokkén Tournament is scheduled for a 2015 release in Japan. No other regional releases have been announced as of yet.

What do you guys think about Pokkén Tournament? It’s definitely different, but I think that different is something that this industry needs. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself!

Shovel Knight Review


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