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Logan Review

Hugh Jackman’s incarnation of Wolverine has been with us for nearly twenty years. What was once a last-minute recasting decision in 1999 has become one of the all-time fan favorite and definitive on-screen superhero realizations in 2017. The character has become the unofficial center of the X-Men film series, managing to maintain his own solo run of films in the process. Jackman returns as the cynical, weathered hero one last time for the definitive Wolverine movie, the best entry in the X-Men universe, and one of the few superhero movies that transcends the genre and rises to consideration among the year’s best overall films.

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Magnificent 7 Not So Magnificent?

The Magnificent 7 is coming to theaters soon and the usual suspects (Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDB) are showing not so magnificent numbers.  Does that keep you away? The trailer looks great, but we’ve seen that before, right?
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