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Agents of SHIELD: One of Us Review

Skye is an Inhuman, and the world of Agents of Shield will never be the same.  This is what the rest of AoS’s sophomore season is going to consist of.  The question is, along with being an Inhuman, is she still able to be an agent, a part of Coulson’s team?  “One of Us” began that narrative, as well as broadened the MCU/MTU’s ever expanding list of characters…oh! and we got a tease of what Mack and Bobbi have been up to, and let me tell you… yeah, I don’t know where I was going with that, but it’s going to flip things on its head… Continue reading Agents of SHIELD: One of Us Review

Agents of Shield: Aftershocks Review

Welcome back, Agents of Shield.  I wondered why, during Agent Carter, I missed you so much… One episode back, and you reminded me exactly why.  Thanks for that…and for, well, not having Chad Michael Murray in your show.  I’m super appreciative.  It’s been a long wait, let’s do this… but first? RECAP

Continue reading Agents of Shield: Aftershocks Review