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Ranked! The Villains of Batman

The Lego Batman Movie is currently in theatres, and so far it’s far exceeding the already lofty expectations. ¬†With this movie and rumors swirling that Ben Affleck wants out of playing the World’s Greatest Detective fresh in my brain, why not rank the Caped Crusader’s biggest foes?…

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We finally have our villains. Gotham fans, if you were wondering what would make our favorite characters would tick, we have our answers in this latest installment of Gotham. Continue reading GOTHAM: UNDER THE KNIFE REVIEW

Gotham – The Pilot Review

Superheroes are more mainstream than ever. Batman is arguably at a new level too, with a successful trilogy on The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan, 3 mega-popular Arkham video games from Warner Brothers and Rocksteady, and a future tie-in with the Man of Steel series. Gotham is primed for success, especially after a phenomenal pilot that sets the stage for an enticing season. Continue reading Gotham – The Pilot Review