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The Rise of Ra’s al Ghul in DC Live Action

It’s interesting to me how certain things catch an unexpected wind and take flight. Like viral videos (Seriously, how did Chewbacca mom get more than 11 total views), no one ever knows what will gain speed. A strange example to me is the abundance of appearances of Ra’s al Ghul and his daughters in DC live action over the last decade.
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Ranked! The Villains of Batman

The Lego Batman Movie is currently in theatres, and so far it’s far exceeding the already lofty expectations.  With this movie and rumors swirling that Ben Affleck wants out of playing the World’s Greatest Detective fresh in my brain, why not rank the Caped Crusader’s biggest foes?…

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Arrow: The Offer Review

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Oliver.  You poor, sad, perfectly-physiqued son of a B.  You DO know that this “offer” you received, is not really an offer, per se, right?  The decision has been made for you already… but let’s watch you mull it over for a full hour before you choose what we all knew you were going to choose in the first place…sigh… Continue reading Arrow: The Offer Review