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Is 2016 Nintendo’s Year?

With all the new releases and celebrating two big anniversaries this year, could 2016 be Nintendo’s best year ever? Continue reading Is 2016 Nintendo’s Year?

Pokémon Meets Tekken: Pokkén Tournament Announcement Trailer

This is one of those “I didn’t know I needed it until I saw it,” situations. The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Bandi Namco to bring us an all new Pokémon fighting game: Pokkén Tournament. 

The game’s debut trailer seen above is pretty awesome. In my eyes, today’s fighting games are getting old. Granted, this isn’t a genre that I play much of, but I think a Pokémon title is a much needed refresh. Of course, being a huge Pokémon fan, I’m excited.

Pokkén Tournament is scheduled for a 2015 release in Japan. No other regional releases have been announced as of yet.

What do you guys think about Pokkén Tournament? It’s definitely different, but I think that different is something that this industry needs. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself!