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Hindsight: Spyro The Dragon Review

Spyro the Dragon was ahead of its time when it came out in 1998. For an early 3D platforming game, it courageously included spoken dialogue during animated scenes and contained ambitious graphics. These features, combined with unifying mechanics, made for a well defined fictional world that continues to hold up in quality to this day.
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Hindsight – RESISTANCE: Fall of Man Review

When I think of Resistance, I remember it mostly for its minimalistic design and the way it inspired an intriguing atmosphere with its well blended combination of audio and visuals. Despite its seemingly typical introduction, the story ultimately leaves an impact.

A mysterious virus originating in Russia has swept across Asia and Europe. Infected humans are being converted into strange creatures called Chimera. With their advanced technology, they infect other humans with the virus as a means of creating new forms of their species, easily conquering and spreading their armies across the world. In 1951, the infestation reaches Britain, resulting in catastrophic destruction.

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Our Favorite Lego Video Games & Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary – The Geekiverse Show! Episode 30

It’s all about video games and we have never geeked out more,,, Continue reading Our Favorite Lego Video Games & Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary – The Geekiverse Show! Episode 30

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Review

The latest entry in the mega popular Assassin’s Creed franchise isn’t revolutionary, but provides an interesting take on a bloody time in French history. Continue reading Assassin’s Creed: Unity Review

The Geekend – 5.29.15

Hockey, Splatoon, and a little open world exploration are in store for The Geekiverse Writers this weekend.

Josiah LeRoy (@JosiahDLeRoy): Well I have finally run through Watch Dogs’ campaign and let me tell you, I loved it! Check out my Hindsight article up now. Speaking of knocking out my backlog – I am finally jumping back into Assassins’ Creed: Unity. When it came out, I was playing too many other things, not to mention the obnoxious bugs. Of course I will also be rooting for the Anaheim Ducks on their journey to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Chris Austin (@Caustin588): Happy weekend everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. I am so far behind in my game library, yet to beat Dragon Age, have barely touched Mortal Kombat X and probably not going make up much time this weekend since we got our new cat a week ago and she has been quite the handful! I’ll probably play a few rounds of FIFA and consider this weekend a success.

Jeff Pawlak (@JeffreyAPawlak): I’ve got a couple of new things I’m excited to dive into this weekend. The first is the third season of The Legend of Korra, a show that I’ve come to simply adore at this point. I was a big fan of the original series Avatar: The Last Airbender, but Korra has proven to be that rare sequel that truly outshines the original. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to finally playing Nintendo’s goofy, off-the-wall shooter, Splatoon, which is finally seeing it’s release. Any game that puts me on a team with paint-filled guns trying to splatter my way to victory seems like a good time in my book, and I’m definitely expecting this one to be a big hit at parties with its local multiplayer. In addition to Splatoon, I gave Nintendo even more if my money by grabbing two of their Amiibos- Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the limited edition Silver Mario. I don’t even use the Amiibos, they just sit, unopened, on my bookshelf, but my collection continues to grow!
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