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Why Arrow’s New Black Canary Actually Matters

I’m overcome by a flood of emotions.  Join me inside where you can be my superhero television themed therapist, and listen to me rant on about this show that never ceases to piss me off…yet always gives me that sliver of hope for something more, something…better…

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Arrow Finale Misses Mark – Season 4 Review

Season 4 of Arrow came to a close this week with an episode that was mediocre at its best moments, and downright bad at its worst. It capped off a season that was also marred by some missteps along the way.

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Arrow “Canary Cry” Episode Review

If you no likey spoilers, no go here.

That episode was hard to watch. So much raw emotion. Grief, anger, guilt, self-loathing .Ugh. Arrow is always the darkest of the CW slate of shows, and for the first couple seasons it had no competition. Now it is generally a neck and neck race between Arrow and Gotham. There was no new episode of Gotham this week, so the gut-wrenching episode of the week goes to “Canary Cry”.

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Arrow: The Return Review

I mentioned in my last review for the “Canaries” episode of Arrow, that the flashback portions of the episode meant nothing to me, yet it foreshadowed Oliver Queen’s return to Starling City, a full few years before his eventual return in Season 1.  Now, normally the present day plotline of the show is the real “bread and butter” (as my Dad used to say….what does that mean anyways?) of the show, with the flashback scenes giving you a nice understanding of how Oliver got to this point, why he feels a certain way, and what all of those tattoos mean.   Continue reading Arrow: The Return Review