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Why I’m Not Making The ‘Switch’

Over a week ago Nintendo announced their new console, the Switch, is coming out on March 3rd for a modest $299.99. It features updated graphics, 3rd party support, and you can take it anywhere. You mean I can play Skyrim anywhere?! Yes, anywhere.

But honestly, after watching their conference, I was left feeling underwhelmed. Continue reading Why I’m Not Making The ‘Switch’

The Nintendo Switch — A Promising Oddity

On October 20th, 2016, we finally learned what the mysterious Nintendo NX was–not quite your average home console, and not quite your average handheld, either. The reveal trailer for the aptly-named Nintendo Switch showed us a unique gaming platform that seemed to combine the the HD, living-room experience with an on-the-go ability to play. It generated a great deal of excitement, intrigue, and a litany of questions from fans.

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