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13 Reasons Why Review

I’m not sure you’ve heard of it, but there is a controversial show out on Netflix.  Based on the fictional novel by Jay Asher, and released in 2007, 13 Reasons Why revolves around thirteen tapes created by Liberty High School student Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) before she takes her life. Continue reading 13 Reasons Why Review

Iron Fist: History, Controversy & Essential Reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. For the Irish that means beer flowing freely and corned beef, and for those fully engrossed into Marvel/Netflix’s The Defenders series, that means one thing : Iron Fist.  But who is Danny Rand, why is their controversy surrounding the show, and what should you be reading to get better acquainted with the character?

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What We Are Watching: The League

Forever Uncleeeeeannn!

Winter storm Stella has come crashing through the northeastern United States, destroying our dreams of an early spring. As you’re sitting on your couch, I hope you are enjoying your snow day with power. Now if you’re bored and hoping that today is the day you’ll stay in sweat pants and binge that new TV show on Netflix, I have just the show; The League.

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