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Iron Fist: Season One

It’s the “swing and a miss” that Marvel was bound to have eventually.
Suspense! Intrigue! Romance! Kung-fu (or is it karate?)! Iron Fist had one out of four of these in spades.

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Iron Fist: History, Controversy & Essential Reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. For the Irish that means beer flowing freely and corned beef, and for those fully engrossed into Marvel/Netflix’s The Defenders series, that means one thing : Iron Fist.  But who is Danny Rand, why is their controversy surrounding the show, and what should you be reading to get better acquainted with the character?

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Ranked!: Superhero Power Couples

Superheroes in relationships.  Could you imagine what couples counseling with these duos would be like?  Right, I’ve never thought about that either…………..
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