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The Grumpy Geek Wonders Where the Boy Wonder Is

What happened to Robin? I am working on a piece about the Rise of Ra’s al Ghul and his daughters in DC live action. I’m not sure why I have been engaged with the DC universe as of late. I never really read DC as a kid. I’ve made no pretenses about it, I am no fan of their film library. I never have been. But being engaged, researching, and watching DC TV has made me realize is how rich a stable of characters they have.

That being said, one of my complaints (there’s more than a few) about their film catalog has been the absence of an important character. Ever since Batman & Robin in 1997 (20 years ago), the Boy Wonder has disappeared from the DC Live Action plan.  Batman & Robin was bad…super bad…Clooney himself admitted it bad. That wasn’t Robin’s fault. No reason he had to suffer banishment. There is, however, a certain commitment to campiness when the Boy Wonder is involved, B &R was certainly that, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
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