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Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Review

Dragon Ball Super’s universal survival arc is delivering on nonstop fan service. One of the biggest problems with Dragon Ball Z was how many of the characters from the original show were left behind due to their lack of power. Super’s new arc is correcting this problem, and, in this week’s episode, we see the return of one of my favorite characters, Good ‘ol Krillin!

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Dragonball Super Episode 82 Review

Dragonball super episode 82 is here to wrap up the final exhibition match of the tournament of power. Yes, this time the show actually means it this time. After universe 7’s victory in the previous episode, a mysterious fighter jumps into the ring to bring justice to all the universes. The mysterious cloaked figure is Toppo, the warrior of freedom from universe 11. Toppo is the leader of the pride troopers, but does he have what it takes to take on a Saiyan? Lets find out! Continue reading Dragonball Super Episode 82 Review