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The Geekend 2/22/14

Our weekend includes coming home from Disney World, fighting through The Order: 1886, and trying not to get frustrated with Majora’s Mask. Continue reading The Geekend 2/22/14

The Geekend 2/8/15

Life is busy, but if you are too busy to game, you’re too busy! Check out what we’ve been playing and watching. Also, look for us to introduce a few newbies to the Review staff this week!

Continue reading The Geekend 2/8/15

The Geekend: Super Bowl Edition – 2/1/15

February is upon us! Who are you rooting for in the big game? Or are you going to be playing your own game? 

Josiah LeRoy: I am looking to make progress on The Witcher 2. I have finally started it and am loving it so far! I cant wait to see where it goes. I will also be making my way through Halo 2 Anniversary and playing a little Lego Marvel Superheroes (3 more Lego games were announced, I’m behind!). Not to mention #IDARB looks sweet. I am also starting Jim Gaffigan’s book “Food: A Love Story.” Go Seahawks!!!

Andrew Garvey: My weekend will be spent totally ignoring the Superbowl and checking out Dying Light. I also just discovered a Battlestar Galactica mod called Diaspora that I’ve already fallen in love with, so I’ll spend a little time fragging some frakkin’ toasters.

Samantha Sarvis: My weekend will be spent trying to get my healer to level 50 in FFXIV, when I’m not working.

Ryan Orzechowski: My weekend will be spent watching the Super Bowl and checking out a game I downloaded on my XbOne called #IDARB.


Who are you rooting for? What games will you be enjoying? Leave a comment below!

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