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Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Review

Dragon Ball Super’s universal survival arc is delivering on nonstop fan service. One of the biggest problems with Dragon Ball Z was how many of the characters from the original show were left behind due to their lack of power. Super’s new arc is correcting this problem, and, in this week’s episode, we see the return of one of my favorite characters, Good ‘ol Krillin!

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Geek Pull #4: FunimationNow

A while back, the amazing (and recently betrothed) Sam Budzinski wrote an article about an anime called Noragami.  This really caught my interest, so I decided to check it out.  With only one dubbed season available on Hulu/Netflix at the time, I decided to subscribe to the FunimationNow app.  This started an almost never-ending cavalcade of delicious anime binging!

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