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Book Review: Eliot Peper’s “Cumulus” Paints Dystopia Probable


I’m a child of the 1970’s and, growing up, I most definitely remember my dad wandering around saying “1984 is coming.” The funny thing, living in 2017, I cannot think of what government surveillance thing would have happened in the 70’s to invoke that response from my dad. Eliot Peper’s novel Cumulus, drops us into the other side of that full surveillance society that my dad was concerned about – the corporate surveillance state.

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Amazon Warehouse Deals. Whaaaaaatt?

Did you know that you can get HUGE deals from Amazon on brand new items that have damaged PACKAGING? Yep. The only problem is in the part you are going to throw away. You can get huger (more huge?) deals on scratch and dent stuff too. Best part? These deals are in tons of departments: TVs, computers, home improvement, books, movies, video games and more.

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