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Final Fantasy XV Review

A Game for Final Fantasy Fans and First-timers.

This has been the first Final Fantasy game I’ve played in a long while where I couldn’t put the controller down.

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The Last Guardian Review (Spoiler-Free)

At long last I have played Fumito Ueda’s follow-up to “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus”. After nearly a decade of delays and development changes, “The Last Guardian” finally tangibly exists. This artful journey continues in the footsteps of its predecessors, telling a simple but amazingly-effective story with a beautiful, unique aesthetic and a masterful grasp of the artistic storytelling medium of video games.

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Overwatch Review

Blizzard throws its hat into the FPS/MOBA ring with its new title, Overwatch. Pretty much everything Blizzard develops is met with critical acclaim, but does Overwatch do enough to separate itself from the likes of Battleborn and the upcoming Paragon?

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Hindsight – The Lego Movie Videogame Review

The games that inspired the movie inspired a game in return. Continue reading Hindsight – The Lego Movie Videogame Review

Hindsight – Limbo Review

Shortly after the fifth anniversary of Limbo’s release, Playdead’s crown jewel still has that effect on us – one not often replicated in a two hour game.  Continue reading Hindsight – Limbo Review

Hindsight – Sniper Elite 3 Review

The Sniper Elite series is one of gaming’s most quiet, under-the-radar shooter franchises. It is generally underrated. With a unique slow-motion kill cam and a high focus on sniping versus run-and-gun, Sniper Elite 3 is a flower among a genre overflowing with weeds. Continue reading Hindsight – Sniper Elite 3 Review