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The Geekend – 5.29.15

Hockey, Splatoon, and a little open world exploration are in store for The Geekiverse Writers this weekend.

Josiah LeRoy (@JosiahDLeRoy): Well I have finally run through Watch Dogs’ campaign and let me tell you, I loved it! Check out my Hindsight article up now. Speaking of knocking out my backlog – I am finally jumping back into Assassins’ Creed: Unity. When it came out, I was playing too many other things, not to mention the obnoxious bugs. Of course I will also be rooting for the Anaheim Ducks on their journey to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Chris Austin (@Caustin588): Happy weekend everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. I am so far behind in my game library, yet to beat Dragon Age, have barely touched Mortal Kombat X and probably not going make up much time this weekend since we got our new cat a week ago and she has been quite the handful! I’ll probably play a few rounds of FIFA and consider this weekend a success.

Jeff Pawlak (@JeffreyAPawlak): I’ve got a couple of new things I’m excited to dive into this weekend. The first is the third season of The Legend of Korra, a show that I’ve come to simply adore at this point. I was a big fan of the original series Avatar: The Last Airbender, but Korra has proven to be that rare sequel that truly outshines the original. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to finally playing Nintendo’s goofy, off-the-wall shooter, Splatoon, which is finally seeing it’s release. Any game that puts me on a team with paint-filled guns trying to splatter my way to victory seems like a good time in my book, and I’m definitely expecting this one to be a big hit at parties with its local multiplayer. In addition to Splatoon, I gave Nintendo even more if my money by grabbing two of their Amiibos- Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the limited edition Silver Mario. I don’t even use the Amiibos, they just sit, unopened, on my bookshelf, but my collection continues to grow!
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