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Agents of Shield: Aftershocks Review

Welcome back, Agents of Shield.  I wondered why, during Agent Carter, I missed you so much… One episode back, and you reminded me exactly why.  Thanks for that…and for, well, not having Chad Michael Murray in your show.  I’m super appreciative.  It’s been a long wait, let’s do this… but first? RECAP

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Arrow: Nanda Parbat Review

Holy Hell……. So hey, ummmmm, remember when I was super stoked for Deathstroke to come back, and it was essentially a glorified cameo?  Well, ummmmm, Ra’s Al Ghul is back, and this episode blew. me. away.


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Arrow: The Return Review

I mentioned in my last review for the “Canaries” episode of Arrow, that the flashback portions of the episode meant nothing to me, yet it foreshadowed Oliver Queen’s return to Starling City, a full few years before his eventual return in Season 1.  Now, normally the present day plotline of the show is the real “bread and butter” (as my Dad used to say….what does that mean anyways?) of the show, with the flashback scenes giving you a nice understanding of how Oliver got to this point, why he feels a certain way, and what all of those tattoos mean.   Continue reading Arrow: The Return Review