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Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies Review

Arrow is beginning the final quarter of their season, and if we know anything about the last 4-6 episodes of each Arrow season, it’s that they rule. Hard.  But with it now having some competition in the form of The Flash, which by the way, is firing on all cylinders right now, it is going to have to elevate it’s game to another level in order to end this otherwise inconsistent season on a high note.  I had high hopes for this episode, knowing full well my beloved Suicide Squad would be back in action… Continue reading Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies Review

The Flash: Rogue Time Review

I’m going to forgo my normal style of writing this column…which is essentially just me talking to myself out loud as I type, thinking I’m having a conversation who might possibly care about what my opinion is on the topic at hand… but for the sake of this episode, I’m going to switch it up a bit, for the sake of the “notes” I took during the episode…Come. Let’s go on this journey together… Continue reading The Flash: Rogue Time Review

Arrow: The Offer Review

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Oliver.  You poor, sad, perfectly-physiqued son of a B.  You DO know that this “offer” you received, is not really an offer, per se, right?  The decision has been made for you already… but let’s watch you mull it over for a full hour before you choose what we all knew you were going to choose in the first place…sigh… Continue reading Arrow: The Offer Review

Agents of SHIELD: One of Us Review

Skye is an Inhuman, and the world of Agents of Shield will never be the same.  This is what the rest of AoS’s sophomore season is going to consist of.  The question is, along with being an Inhuman, is she still able to be an agent, a part of Coulson’s team?  “One of Us” began that narrative, as well as broadened the MCU/MTU’s ever expanding list of characters…oh! and we got a tease of what Mack and Bobbi have been up to, and let me tell you… yeah, I don’t know where I was going with that, but it’s going to flip things on its head… Continue reading Agents of SHIELD: One of Us Review

The Flash: Out Of Time Review

Can I preface this entire review by saying that I love this show?  Like, I really love it.  I am pretty well versed in the back story of the Flash, in all of it’s various forms.  With that said, even knowing (for the most part) where this season long arch is going, I sat with my eyes glued to the screen for the entire second half of the episode.  Why?  Because time travel…that’s why… Continue reading The Flash: Out Of Time Review

Agents of Shield: Who You Really Are Review

After this midseason episode, the numbers indicated that Agents of Shield is getting it’s lowest ratings yet.  This is unfortunate, and here’s why: This show is currently, in my opinion, one of the most compelling shows on TV, and I’m not just talking about shows dubbed into the “superhero” genre.  Last night’s episode only further proves to solidify my point, as a slow start picked up to an ending that made me wish this was a Netflix original series that I could binge watch while drinking vanilla porters and eating Cheez-Its (note: vanilla porters and Cheez-Its making everything better)… Continue reading Agents of Shield: Who You Really Are Review