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Ghost Recon: Wildlands BETA REVIEW

Well folks, unless you have been living under a rock and not paying attention to the latest gaming news, then you know that this past weekend was the Closed Beta test for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in this and lets just say, it made me want this game even more than I already did. Continue reading Ghost Recon: Wildlands BETA REVIEW

Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC

Hello Guardians. We’re now just a few short days away from Destiny’s final expansion entitled RISE OF IRON. Over the past few weeks, Bungie had given us a glimpse into what the expansion will look like and a bit, not much at all really, about the story line.


So far all we know is that the story takes you to Felwinter Peak, the former home of the Legendary Iron Lords, yes the same ones that Lord Saladin runs the Iron Banner tournament in honor of. Not much is know about the Iron Lords except what we gather from Grimoire cards. Facing a new threat, the Devil Splicers who are a variant of the common Fallen enemies, in a new area called the Plaugelands on the Cosmodrome is sure to be a breath of fresh air. The Cosmodrome itself seems to be getting an overhaul as well, covering the area in snow.


As for the story, all that is know is that you are helping Lord Saladin prevent the outbreak of the SIVA Virus that his former companions of the Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to contain many many years ago. In the process, you yourself will become an Iron Lord.


Felwinter Peak, after being unlocked and retaking after the first mission, becomes a new social space, akin to the Tower or the Reef, with new NPCs to hand out missions and possibly more factions to level up.

Along with this new DLC comes an all new Raid, “Wrath of the Machines” and an all new Arena event like Prison of Elders, called “Archons Forge” and as always new weapons and gear sets. There have been images shown of some of these new items including the new Raid Gear set and weapons, Trials of Osiris gear and weapons as well as the Iron Banner gear and weapons. New to the game will be the ability to put different skins on some weapons, and armor making them look absolutely amazing. Oh and did I mention they are bringing Gjallarhorn back? That right there is enough to get this new DLC itself.


I’m sure we’re all in for a real treat with this final DLC and surely hope it’s enough to keep us interested until the rumored release of Destiny 2 sometime in 2017. Check back in the coming weeks as I give my opinion on the new expansion after giving it some play time.

Rise of Iron is set to release on Tuesday, August 20th at 5am/est.

Mafia 3 New Trailer Reveal

Whats up Geeks. The Genepool here, and today im talking about MAFIA 3. At the E3 Conference just about an hour ago, Developers from Hanger 13 sat down with a panel and talked all about the game, as well as gave us a brand new Trailer (featured below) and showed us about 20ish minutes of solid gameplay from missions. Set in 1968 in New Bordeaux, the games version of New Orleans, you play as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam Veteran who gets involved with the “Black Mob” and then “killed” by the Italian mob. But is he really dead? Of course not, or he wouldn’t be the main character. Now his main mission is rebuilding the “Black Mob” and tearing down everything the Italians stand for. Taking part in activities such as Robbing a Brothel, Beating up a Pimp for information, and other things all have an effect on the Italian Mob. You also get to hire several “Underbosses” that all have special things they bring to your organization. Overall, the gameplay show looked amazing and I for one cannot wait until October 7th when this game releases.  Continue reading Mafia 3 New Trailer Reveal