Will Smith in Talks to Play The Genie in Disney’s Live Action Remake of Aladdin


There’s still no word on who will play Aladdin and Jasmine–Disney is holding a worldwide open casting call to find Middle Eastern actors for those coveted roles. But there is another role that people are looking to, wondering who could possibly play the Genie.

Disney’s Aladdin: Diamond Edition

The late Robin Williams originated the role of the Genie back in 1992, a role which earned him a Golden Globe. Since then, the Genie has been recreated for the Broadway musical in 2014 by James Monroe Iglehart… and quite successfully too, since he won a Tony Award for his performance. Those are two larger than life, award winning pairs of shoes to fill, and it looks like Disney has it’s eyes set on Will Smith to do just that.

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Production on Disney’s latest live action remake is set to begin in the UK in June of this year and run until early 2018. As of right now, Smith is the only actor whose name is currently connected to the project.

The Road to Broadway and Beyond Disney Aladdin: A Whole New World

Of course, Will Smith was also in negotiations to star in the upcoming remake of Dumbo, as well, but nothing came from that. Who knows? It’s only a matter of time before we start to hear confirmations and more and more exciting updates.

giphy (5)

What do you think of Disney’s newest remake? Who do you think could replace Robin Williams? Is Will Smith a good choice or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know in the comments!

Amanda Woomer-Limpert is one of the Geekiverse’s newest writers and a former Disney Cast Member… She’s keeping her fingers crossed to see Gilbert Gottfried reprise his role as Iago complete with orange beak and red and blue feathers. 

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