Brunner 1.0’s WWE Network Match of the Week

This week’s selection is all about family, and how important it is in the wrestling business.I realized the WWE Network has so many great wrestling matches (literally thousands of hours, as they will be sure to tell you) and after messing around on Youtube, I thought, “hey, I’ve watched a lot of matches… Why not share some of my favorites?” So here we go.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust are real life brothers. They were in an angle back in 2013 where The Authority fired Cody Rhodes. The authority fired Goldust (both had solid matches against then WWE Champion Randy Orton). Then Dusty Rhodes got himself involved, and promptly told Stephanie and Triple H he needed to be in the Battleground match for the Tag Team Titles. “I’ll be your huckleberry all night long.”

Dusty Rhodes cut a solid promo before the match about fighting for a family. Goldust said the Shield needed to be exposed as puppets for the Authority. Cody talked about his family and how imperfect they are, yet they were able to work hard.

This was not THE storyline in the WWE at the time. However, it was a solid mid-card feud with personal feelings attached. The Shield were world-beaters. They simply did not lose at that point and time. Then you see the Rhodes family come out to Dusty’s music in none other than Buffalo, New York. The crowd did not react much for the entrance. But you best believe when that 1, 2, 3 was counted, the entire arena LOST IT.

So here you go. The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family at Battleground 2013. Check it out on the WWE Network at 1:02:00 into the PPV.

If you’re looking for some good wrestling reading material, look no further than the NXT book below:

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