Carrie Fisher Will Not Appear in Star Wars Episode IX

Well, once again the internet gets our hopes up and then dashes us on the rocks of life (or Ach-To). About a week ago, the late Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd, announced that Carrie would, in fact, appear in the 9th episode of the Star Wars trilogy with footage that was already shot. Kathleen Kennedy, boss lady at Lucasfilm Ltd. put that rumor to bed this afternoon.

It was certainly an exciting day in Star Wars fandom. Earlier in the day, we got both a new poster and a new teaser for the “The Last Jedi”, which releases in December of this year. All of that great stuff happened at noon, DST.

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At 5:45 pm today, Good Morning America tweeted EXCLUSIVE: Lucisfilm President Kathleen Kennedy says Carrie Fisher will NOT be in @StarWars Episode 9 as General Leia. #SWCO #TheLastJedi

I have to admit, I am not sure how I felt about her being there without actually being there anyway. In some respects, I want as much General Leia as I can get. She is a foundation on which the Resistance is built. Her mature character is great fun to watch.

On the other hand, while the CGI was good enough to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin, as he was always in a shadowy place, it was quite obvious when he was next to another human being that he was not a human being. I agree with the need to have the computer generated Peter Cushing (who died in 1994) in Rogue One: A Star Wars Storyas he was integral to action in Episode 4. I do hope his family/estate was paid union scale for his screen time. The CGI used to create young Leia… not as effective.

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On the other hand, as we all love a good conspiracy, and we love to predict things, Kennedy did say Fisher would not be in the movie AS GENERAL LEIA … Think of the other options available. Ghost? Admiral Organa? Senator Organa? Retired Leia? Hmmmmm.

Right after Carrie Fisher’s death, our resident Star Wars fanboy …ehem…I mean expert wrote a great piece discussing the studio’s options for Leia’s character with out Carrie Fisher. Some good thoughts.

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

What did you think of the trailer for The Last Jedi? What did you think of this news that Carrie Fisher won’t be in Episode 9? What do you think about Kathleen Kennedy’s choice of words? Leave a comment below. Grumpy loves comments.

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