Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Review

Dragon Ball Super’s universal survival arc is delivering on nonstop fan service. One of the biggest problems with Dragon Ball Z was how many of the characters from the original show were left behind due to their lack of power. Super’s new arc is correcting this problem, and, in this week’s episode, we see the return of one of my favorite characters, Good ‘ol Krillin!

* Spoilers below*dbs84krillinblogroll-1491249629195_1280w

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The episode opens with Goku and Gohan on a mission to recruit Krillin and Android 18 to compete in the tournament. They arrive to the city to find Krillin being the Carl Winslow of the Dragonball universe. It is so awesome to see arguably one of the strongest humans on the planet taking care of its citizens as a cop while Goku takes care of the real fights. One of my biggest problems with the fan base is all of this hate for Krillin. Despite Krillin being a weaker fighter, there should be no argument that he is an amazing character–after all, he was by Goku’s side in every arc of Dragon Ball Z. This episode is such a good way to get Krillin back into the game while throwing in some nostalgia. tumblr_ontmp2i7H21rvkwl5o5_1280

After arriving at Gokus house, the gang discusses the tournament of power. Krillin isn’t wanting to enter due to the power he currently possesses. What is so great about Krillin’s recent arc is his relationship with 18. They are going through the typical marriage problem of not being the same people when they fell in love. This is humorous however with 18 ripping on Krillin for having weight equipment upstairs that never gets used. Goku’s attempt at persuading Krillin was asking a friend for help, but in order to get 18 on the team, Goku lies to her about prize money. What bothers me about this is how Goku isn’t telling his friends that their universe is on the line. It’ll eventually get revealed, but I would have liked to have seen everyone get serious for this battle royale.maxresdefault (2)

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Gohan requests to train with Krillin in the hopes of creating a strategy for the tournament. I wasn’t expecting such an awesome sparing match between the two. Gohan exceed Krillin in power, but what this arc is proving most is that strategy will be what is most important. Krillin reveals his new ability which is an upgrade to his solar flare! It’s a nostalgia trip to see this move return and powered up x100 (did Krillin actually do multiplication when developing this ability?). With this move in play, Krillin catches Gohan off guard and wins by a knock out of bounds. This rule will be how many of the characters are going to succeed in this tournament.Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-84-image-57

After Krillin takes down Gohan, Goku naturally wants to see how he fairs in comparison. There is not a chance in all the universes that Krillin’s power would effect Goku at all, but surprisingly its again an awesome sparing match. What I loved most about this episode was the bromance between Goku and Krillin before their fight. They talk about the good old days and how they used to be equal in power. Krillin even flashes back to the ordinal Dragonball when he faced off against Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament. This was such an awesome throwback. Krillin bests Goku multiple times in the fight and he shows off that he is going to be a great addition to the team. Seeing the Destructo Disc move used for a tactical knock out is proof of that. vlc_screenie_-2017-04-02-15h34m11s523

At the end of their match, Goku powers up to his Blue form and they both fire a Kamehameha. Again, Krillin would never be able to win this bean clash with Goku. Goku was simply testing Krillins limits, but in an awesome twist, Android 18 comes into fight, kicks Goku in the face, and stops his attack. I loved how this played out and want to see more of Mr. and Mrs. Krillin tag teaming in the tournament. I really hope this battle royale gives us similar awesome team ups: Gohan and piccolo, 17 and 18, or maybe a weird one like Vegeta and Master Roshi! After the fight, Goku learns a valuable lesson about team work. He realizes how they are going to win the tournament and that he is assembling an awesome team of warriors.tumblr_ontmp2i7H21rvkwl5o3_1280

The episode ends with Goku expressing how proud he is of Krillin and how he is always going be his best friend. In this moment, Goku expresses more love to his best friend then he ever does to his wife. It was charming to see Krillin’s daughter point out that her father and 18 won a match against Goku. Before Goku departs from the Krillin family, he asks 18 where he would be able to find 17. Goku explains how he has no idea where to start looking, because he has never met the guy. 15 years of watching Dragonball Z and I have never realized this was actually true… well, they do meet in GT…but that’s not canon anymore. 18 wasn’t sure either, so Gohan suggests to speak to the guardian of earth about 17’s location. With 38 hours remaining until the tournament, Goku sets off to Dendes lookout in search of 17… wait 38 hours remaining? This episode took place only over an hour of time? Man that Goku is a busy guy!



Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 was another nostalgia trip in this arc. It is such pleasure seeing Krillin back in the show and training with Goku and Gohan. Krillin and Goku have been family for three series now and it makes me geek out when they talk about the good ‘ol days! With upcoming episodes about Android 17’s return, Skinny Majin Buu, and a rumored school led by Tien, this “filler period” has a lot to offer! I didn’t expect this portion of the story to be this much fun and cannot wait for the team to be assembled!

+ Krillin’s fight stradegy

+ Android 18’s tag team with Krillin

+ Call backs to Dragon Ball

–  Goku hiding the truth

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