BREAKING: Epic Star Wars Force for Change Contest Announced

Fans of Star Wars were teased by Good Morning America over the weekend with the promise of an exciting Star Wars announcement “40 years in the making.”

What could it be? An update on the upcoming Star Wars Lands opening in Disneyland and Walt Disney World? A highly anticipated Blu-ray release of the unaltered original trilogy? Or maybe, just maybe, could it be a teaser for The Last Jedi (alright… we know that’s stretching it a bit since Star Wars Celebration is just days away but we can still hope, right?)?

Geeks and fans gathered around the TV this morning to watch Good Morning America to see just what could be 40 years in the making.


Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley revealed that Force for Change is holding a larger than life contest that could make some hardcore Star Wars fans’ dreams come true. From April 11-May 11, fans can head to to enter the contest that is out of this world. Each $10 donation you make is an entry to win (potentially) all three of these incredible prizes:

  • Spend the night at Skywalker Ranch.
  • Visit the set of the upcoming Han Solo movie and have the opportunity to appear in the film!
  • Join the cast of The Last Jedi on the red carpet at the world premiere.


Force for Change launched in 2014 by Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company and raises funds for organizations such as UNICEF and Starlight. Their previous fundraiser for The Force Awakens raised over $4 million so it’s safe to say that with prizes as epic as these, this is going to be an incredible campaign that will indeed be a force for change.


Will you be entering this contest? Was this the big announcement you were expecting? Let us know in the comments! And keep it locked here at the Geekiverse for all things Star Wars this upcoming week as we report on all the exciting Star Wars Celebration news!

Amanda Woomer-Limpert is one of the Geekiverse’s newest writers and a Star Wars fanatic. You can follow her geeky life on Instagram.

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