Geekiverse WWE Draft 2017

Mr. McMahon came back on WWE television for the first time in months, and as he said, it’s “time to shake things up.”

Frankly, we don’t know what that means, but let’s assume it means another draft. And it’s happening Monday night. In the past, that usually meant about 5 picks for each brand, and then there was some wheeling and dealing on after the fact. Now with the network, that could be extended; however, let’s make it simple. Benjamin Raven from the Court of Nerds with 5 picks. Brunner 1.0 from the Geekiverse with 5 picks.


  • Can not select champions
    • Each brand now has exclusive color-coded titles. Gotta keep it that way for now.
  • Can only select 1 NXT Superstar
    • WWE had a similar limit back during the first expansion draft
    • New call-ups (Revival, Shinsuke, Ty Dillinger, etc. do not count towards this stipulation)
  • Commentators and Management are off limits
    • Let’s not waste our time on stuff like this…
      • Managers linked to Superstars go with them (Ex: Heyman w/Lesnar)

After the very scientific coin flip done through Siri, Brunner 1.0 will represent Smackdown Live. The Angry Raven will represent Raw. Mr. Raven, you’ve got the first pick as was the case in last year’s draft.

Raw #1 Pick, Angry Raven: My first pick is AJ Styles. I don’t care about the SmackDown/Shane handshake in the least–there is no other viable No. 1 pick. He is the best in the world at what he does, and a three-hour drawn out show could use that.

Smackdown #1 Pick, Brunner 1.0: To counter, I’m taking Seth Rollins. The number one overall pick last year needs a change of pace. Going from feuds with Triple H, which is a great bump in his career, could be supplemented with a title opportunity on the blue brand. I’m not sure that he will be in the Universal Title picture anytime soon on Raw.

Raw #2 Pick, Angry Raven: Luke Harper. I don’t think people understand how talented of a performer this guy is, both inside and outside the ring. I can never tell if SmackDown knows what to do with him as they bounce back and forth. Maybe a switch to Raw to get away from Bray, Randy and Rowan is exactly what he needs.

Smackdown #2 Pick, Brunner 1.0: Braun Strowman. I was hoping to get the Wyatt Family all on the same brand, but you have stifled that sir. However, I am confident that Braun will be fed to Roman in this next feud again, only to push the Brock/Roman rumored battle. What a waste of Braun Strowman. Come over to the blue brand my friend, and dominate!

Raw #3 Pick, Angry Raven: I will take The Miz and Maryse. Sticking with my three-hour show theme, it sure as heck wouldn’t hurt to have one of the true heels in the company and best promo guy in the business on the flagship show. With Maryse showing she can still go, it’s a solid twofer for a show that could use a woman veteran presence in addition to a top guy.

Smackdown #3 Pick, Brunner 1.0: Finn Balor. As a fan, it pains me to take him away from Raw and his bid to get back the title he never lost; however, the idea of Balor/Nakamura again, Balor/Cena. Balor/Rollins again, or even Balor/Wyatt would be interesting. Those promos would be wicked! As a mock GM, I can’t help but take Finn here.

Raw #4 Pick, Angry Raven: Baron Corbin. With him not winning the IC belt at ‘Mania or this past week on SmackDown, maybe this rising star needs a change of scenery. The future is bright for him, but the SD creative team seems reluctant to put some white gold around his waist so why not give the other crew a shot to make him work.


Smackdown #4 Pick, Brunner 1.0: Cesaro. As much as it pains me to split up what has become a fantastic, and entertaining tag team with Sheamus, it’s the Swiss Superman’s time! The dude is a fantastic wrestler, and has his own weird charisma that the WWE Universe could get behind on Smackdown Live! Tag-Team specialist on Raw, bonafide WWE Title contender on the blue brand.

Raw #5 Pick, Angry Raven: Alexa Bliss. She is a bonafide upcoming star, and the true heel that the Raw women’s division needs. She has done the Naomi, Mickie James and Becky stuff, and, let’s be honest, Sasha is stuck in tweener zone forever, and Dana Brooke could probably use another NXT stint. She is the heel that could be the glue of this division. It can’t all be hugs, woos and bosses.

Smackdown #5 Pick, Brunner 1.0: Thankfully I had time to make this selection because I’ve gone back and forth on this one. I thought Charlotte, because she’s a 4-time champion already, and would bring prestige to the division. I thought Nia Jax, to bring more monsters to the roster. I thought Asuka, but she’s a champion. Considered Ember Moon, but she needs more time in NXT. So, to recoup the fantastic woman’s wrestler you took from me, I’m taking Sasha Banks. She can be a face or heel, and would thrive as a heel on Smackdown Live. She’s the perfect counter to Naomi right now, and I think would inspire Natayla, Mickie James, and Becky Lynch.


Angry Raven: I made all of my picks thinking about how I could make Raw’s three hours more entertaining while providing a fresh start for some. Luke Harper deserves a bigger spotlight, Miz and Maryse could have some fun with three hours, Alexa Bliss is a true heel and not a tweener, and AJ Styles is the best in the world.

Brunner 1.0: I made my decisions based off conflict possibilities. That’s part of the reason I stayed away from Roman Reigns. Who would he battle on the Blue Brand that is viable? Braun again? Finn Balor and Nakamura sure, but the way this current booking is, it’s all Roman all the time. Seth Rollins gets a fresh start. Finn Balor can go heel or face and take on Nakamura and Cena. Cesaro can become a viable champion. Braun is reincarnated as a beast again. And Sasha gets to become a heel or face against a group that needs different competition.

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Brunner 1.0 is a writer, audio and video editor, and social media coordinator for the Geekiverse. When he’s not watching wrestling, he’s watching wrestling. 

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