Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

Ubisoft’s newest IP, Ghost Recon Wildlands, is a tactical shooter based in the South American country of Bolivia. The main point of the game is to take down a massive drug cartel, called the Santa Blanca Cartel, that has essentially taken over the country. The world is massive, cut into 21 different provinces with 11 different ecosystems with 26 different bosses that must be taken down to complete the game.

So now that you have a bit of an overview of what the game is about, and the truly massive scale of it, let’s get into some of the pros and cons. One of the best parts about this game is that you can play offline with some AI team mates, or you can play online with up to 3 of your friends. The notable part of this is that the transition between the two is seamless. You get a little message up in the top left of your screen that someone has joined your game, your AI teammates disappear and you are online without ever having to stop playing. Another big plus for this game is the story and the dialog that happens between characters. Throughout the game your team, the team from the story line, talk to each other about things you pass while driving or flying or sometimes to just mess with each other. This dialog is nice and short and usually pretty funny so it doesn’t really get annoying. Sometimes you will hear your Xbox party go quiet as people stop talking to hear the game. The last big pro for this game is that it runs very smoothly. There are a couple issues where certain things don’t sync up properly while playing online, but they are fixing those problems rather quickly.

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Now for some cons. There really aren’t that many. One of the big ones for me are the graphics. The game doesn’t look as realistic or as visually stunning as, let’s say Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefield 1. The game boasts 11 different ecosystems throughout the map. There are some points in the game where there is a clear line where one ecosystem ends and the next begins. Another one of my big complaints is the mechanics of flying and driving. The controls for these two pretty essential parts of the game are very clunky. Take for example how easy it is to fly and drive in Grand Theft Auto 5. If Wildlands had those mechanics I think it would be a huge improvement to the game, when you will spend a lot of time in some sort of vehicle. The last big problem with this game is the repetitiveness of it. There are only 3 types of side missions to get resources, enemy character models are all the same, and the regular story missions are also very similar. All that being said the game is very fun to play and will last you a good amount of time.




Overall, the game is fantastic and I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy of it as soon as you can. The game is a lot of fun and while worth the money. I did purchase the season pass for it, so we will see how well the DLC is and whether the season pass is worth the $39.99. Look for my review of the DLC after it releases. If you would like to see gameplay of Ghost Recon Wildlands, check out our YouTube Channel and our day one launch stream!

+ Gameplay

+ Easy to play huge world with loads of missions and activities

+ Story/Voice Acting

+ Well written dialog and overall plot

+ infrastructure (Online/offline capabilities)

+ Easy to connect to and play with your friends

– Graphics

– Overall, not up to the standards of Battlefield 1

– Vehicle Mechanics (Flight and driving controls)

– Not easy to fly or drive

– Repetitiveness

– Missions, characters, gameplay

Adam Herr is usually behind the camera at The Geekiverse. He is a big fan of shooters of all kinds.

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