Dragonball Super Episode 83 Review

This weeks episode of Dragonball Super takes a break from the action to deliver some awesome fan service. What Super has done better them Dragonball Z is making the smaller moments so much more meaningful. Dragonball Z was notorious for its “filler” examples being episodes of Goku and piccolo learning how to drive, the entire Garlic Jr. Saga and lets not forget about how the fight between Goku and Freeza being 4 hours and 13 minutes long! The fight between Goku and Freeza is the longest fight in anime history and it really is only 5 minutes long in the shows time. This weeks episode really shows how the series has for the most part has grown past pointless filler and in return gives us an entertaining story. Lets dive in!

* Spoilers Below *Dragon-Ball-Super-Épisode-83-6

The episodes opens with Goku and company returning to Earth in hopes of assembling the 10 man team, until they are stopped my ChiChi. She is preparing for the birth of Bulma’s second child, which i want Vegeta to refer to as the princess of all Saiyans. Whats so great about this episode is its character incorporation. We skip to Bulma doing pregnancy stretches with the Pilaf gang. Once sworn enemies to Goku who are now stretching on stability balls. Then if that moment wasnt good enough, they throw in a line with Vegeta being mad because he inst allowed to use his training room. Vegeta’s pride will never get old.500450_372386

When deciding who will be apart of the universe 7 team,  the Supreme Kai mentions that there are only 28 universes with life to choose from. Now this is by no means a plot hole, but its kinda hard to believe that 4 kais have to watch over a couple of planets each. Then again an argument can be made that many of these planets could have been destroyed by the likes of Freeza, Majin Buu and Lord Beerus. With this information given to us, it is a semi decent explanation why the universe team is based on characters from Earth. That is until Goku insists on Monaka, who is literally one the weakest characters the series has ever introduced. It was nice seeing how the writers didn’t forget about him and that hopefully someday Goku finds out he isn’t powerful at all. Beerus’ reaction to this is hilarious by the fear in his eyes and by just assuming that he doesn’t feel well.Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-83-10

Goku and Gohan begin to think about how the fights will pan out with certain fighters. They visualize a fight between Krillin and Lavender to see if he would be of use. Its a nice little tease of whats to come and shows off all of Krillin’s signature moves. The Supreme Kai offers Goten and Trunks to fight, but Goku instantly shuts that down due to their lack of experience. This irritates me due to the level of power these boys have, not only are they super Saiyans, but they could fuse into Gotenks and have an incredible combined power. So who do they get in their places? Master Roshi and Andriod 17??!! First off, i understand that Roshi is a martial arts expert, but will he even have the strength to take on these foes? The answer is yes, because Dragonball. As for 17, I would have liked to see a better reaction for the characters return considering Goku hasn’t seen him for about 10 years. What confused me at first was this build up to who their last fighter will be. We have all seen the promo art, we know that it is Tien that will join the team. The reason they didn’t add him yet was to throw in a Yamcha cameo with him asking the join the team. This was by far the best moment in the episode and a real laugh out moment. I love how the show is treating Krillin ( ” the joke character”) with respect and treating Yamcha like the loser that he is.c20283558886b61d4266363e754ff0cd

Goku approaches Vegeta about entering the tournament and despite his interest, he denies the other due to watching over Bulma until the baby is born. What I had never expected to happen was Whis taking action and deliver Bulma’s baby. When i say deliver i mean use his staff to magically remove the baby from her stomach… because Dragonball. Welcome to the world Bra… wait they changed the continuity and made her name Bulla? I am totally okay with that. Trunks and Vegetas reactions twords the baby were such powerful scenes and really gave this episode a nice touch. Vegetas anger twords Mr Satan and Yamcha holding his child was absolutely hilarious with him powering up to his blue form. Trunks’s hopes of being the big brother like Gohan are crushed when he finds out its a sister rather then a brother. This is such a strong pay off when trunks is handed Bulla and realizes its his job as a big brother to watch over his sister. The heartfelt moments don’t stop there. Trunks insists on Vegeta holding Bulla and Vegeta has to be a major tool to his son by saying he is holding the baby wrong. Has this guy ever been nice to his family? All jokes aside, Vegeta meeting his daughter is such a strong moment and a great way to end the episode with Goku and Gohan saying how they have another person to protect and that they must win this tournament.




Dragonball Super episode 83 does an amazing job of using its beloved characters. This episode packed in so much story into a little more than 20 minutes and was such a pleasure to watch. The writers are doing such an amazing job of delivering on the fan service and makes me so happy that this series happened.There are still a few episodes until the battle royal and if they are as good as this episode then i cannot wait to see more!

+ Good use of many characters

+ Yamcha being a loser

+ Vegeta forever being awesome

+ Whis creepy baby staff

–  Confusing lore

– Goten and Trunks being sidelined for the tournament



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