Power Rangers (2017) Review – It’s Morphin’ Time Once Again

It’s morphin’ time, and this movie does not disappoint when it comes to instilling a new generation with the hope that 5 teens with attitude can indeed save the world.



I must admit, going into this movie I was rather whelmed. The idea that they could re-create the Power Rangers lore from my childhood seemed daunting, and frankly impossible. Not Jason David Frank impossible, but impossible. More on that in a bit.

Power Rangers Gear


Right from the get go, I loved this. You learn where Zordon, Rita, and the Zeo Crystal originate, giving the perfect set-up as to why I should care. Frankly, I don’t know that we ever got that in the show back in the 90’s and 2000’s. Each version had some revisionist history to make the timeline work for the new Rangers, but nothing like this. There were also several indications of new characters coming, and new movies coming. COLOR ME EXCITED. It wasn’t a long set-up either, meaning we get straight to the point, and the setting for the entire movie: Angel Grove.

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History

Brunner 1.0 at the theater, clearly too excited.

We quickly learn what each teen is all about as well. Jason and Billy meet in an unlikely place. Kimberly is cast in with that crowd unwillingly. As the teens seemingly continue to stay up to no good, Zach and Trini enter the fold. I loved how organic this felt, despite me knowing it’s a movie, and this is how the story was written. I thought, “Yeah, I could see that happening to me when I was in high school. Random place with random people, and something crazy happens. High school.”


I saw this in a few articles before the movie, and I won’t spoil it here, but there is a social commentary during this movie. I guess if I really look back at the show from my childhood, there was one there as well. 5 kids from 5 different backgrounds in the 90’s, 5 kids from 5 different backgrounds in 2017. Personally, I despise when movies try to do this, but considering what the Power Rangers is, it worked. The whole theme is about coming together to defeat evil. That goal stands regardless of who you are. I love the overall message of the movie, and what it represented. The movie was full forced Power Rangers, and nothing took away from that as it has proven to do in other movies.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series (2017 Edition)



If I have one big critique of this movie, it’s how the movie looked in some instances. If you have kids, I do not suggest they go unless they are 10 years old, at least. Rita is downright grotesque in some scenes. The 5-year-old next to us cried in some spots, forcing the parents hand: time to go. The Rangers “armor” looked weird and fake to me (it’s CGI, so of course it did), and that took away some of the nostalgia for me. However, this is not 90’s Power Rangers where the costumes looked like something a kid would wear to bed, AKA footy-pajamas. So it took some getting used to not seeing the diamonds across the chest and the round helmets. Goldar was legitimately terrifying and weird so kudos on that one.

Pre-order Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink – Looks cool.


After seeing the preview for Michael Bay’s Transformers, I was rather nervous. Bay didn’t direct Power Rangers, but it gave me that sinking feeling that maybe they would overdo the explosions and fighting in this movie. They didn’t. I thought every fighting scene was done for the right reasons, and it all seemed to fit the narrative. Even in the Power Rangers movie in 1995 against Ivan Ooze, there were some weird fighting things that the Rangers didn’t do in the show. Aside from one moment off the top of my head, I thought the action made sense and was timely. Thank goodness this wasn’t an action film sold as Power Rangers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1

Mighty Morphin: Power Rangers (The Movie)




This Power Rangers iteration performed better than expected. I can’t wait to see what the future of the franchise holds.

+ Nostalgia is there but not overpowering (stay through the credits)

+ Appreciate the classic story telling. Beginning, middle, and “end”

+ Related to the characters and their stories, and overall message of movie

– New age Ranger suits were not the greatest

– Needed more of an ending (movie is long to begin with, however)

+ They heavily teased more movies that will follow the arc of the Power Rangers of old. Can’t wait for the sequel.

What did you like about Power Rangers? What did you dislike? Let us know in the comments below! 

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