Knerds of the Roundtable Podcast #2 – Lego Batman & “The Batman”

It’s a team-up of epic proportions! Each month, The Geekiverse comes together with Artful Gremlins & Synthaholics to chat about a hot topic in the world of Geek.

This past week, Josiah joined up with Artful Gremlins’ Robbie Palmer & The Synthaholics duo of David Duncan and Aaron O’Brian to chat about The Lego Batman Movie, we predict who the main antagonist¬†of “The Batman” movie will be, and why we all love the Dark Knight.

You can listen multiple ways! Check out the podcast on Synthaholics’ Youtube Channel:

Or listen on iTunes by searching “Synthaholics.”

Missed episode 1? No problem! Listen below on our Soundcloud channel or search “The Geekiverse” on iTunes.

Knerds of the Roundtable #1: 2017 Mega Movie Preview!


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