Knerds of the Roundtable Podcast #2 – Lego Batman & “The Batman”

It’s a team-up of epic proportions! Each month, The Geekiverse comes together with Artful Gremlins & Synthaholics to chat about a hot topic in the world of Geek.

This past week, Josiah joined up with Artful Gremlins’ Robbie Palmer & The Synthaholics duo of David Duncan and Aaron O’Brian to chat about The Lego Batman Movie, we predict who the main antagonist of “The Batman” movie will be, and why we all love the Dark Knight.

You can listen multiple ways! Check out the podcast on Synthaholics’ Youtube Channel:

Or listen on iTunes by searching “Synthaholics.”

Missed episode 1? No problem! Listen below on our Soundcloud channel or search “The Geekiverse” on iTunes.

Knerds of the Roundtable #1: 2017 Mega Movie Preview!



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