Dragonball Super Episode 81 Review

Last week’s Dragonball Super was all the reasons why the series is beloved by fans. It was an episode that developed the characters we love, it gave us a fight worth watching, and it ups the ante. This week’s episode of Super unfortunately doesn’t build upon last week’s accomplishments.



Goku enters the ring to face off against Bergamo the Crusher in the final match of the preliminaries. Goku gives the typical “Lets go all out” to Bergamo. This unexpectedly doesn’t sit well with Bergamo which leads to the episode’s strongest moment. Bergamo calls the attention of everyone watching and expresses how Goku is a selfish man.

Dragonball: The Complete Illustrations

The show is addressing the biggest flaw of its hero which made for a really powerful scene. Bergamo refers to Goku as a “demon” and an “enemy to all universes.”  Seeing our hero viewed as a villain by the gods really made me question Goku’s motives. The biggest flaw this arc has had so far has to do with Goku’s intentions. The multiverse is in jeopardy of losing seven universes because of Goku wants to fight stronger opponents? Its such a foolish way for Goku act, and it really does make him out to be the bad guy.


After a cry of mercy from Bergamo, the Omni King proposes that none of the universes will be destroyed if Goku loses the match. This was Goku’s chance to be the good guy and make it look like he put up a good fight and lost, but that Saiyan pride always gets the best of him. Goku would rather win one fight instead of saying trillions of lives. Not cool Goku.

maxresdefault (1)

Goku’s Black Time Ring

Typically in Dragonball, when the fighting starts it makes the episode better. This is not the case this time around. The story of the episode took up half the episode and was very interesting. Bergamo vs Goku falls flat because we have seen this type of fight before. Bergamo can absorb Goku’s power, but Goku just wants to keep feeding him so he can fight him at his strongest. The fight is very short and had nothing really fun about it. That being said the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Kamehameha was beautifully animated.Screenshot_3

After Goku’s victory, he tries to talk to Bergamo about how he can’t wait to fight him again when the tournament begins. Bergamo being disgusted in Goku is amazing, because no one in the series has really ever looked at Goku this way before. He calls our hero pure evil and you almost have to side with Bergamo because he is right. Bergamo has all the universes against Goku and is going to make Universe 7 the target of the tournament.

Dragonball, Dragonball, and more Dragonball

Speaking of the tournament, the new rules are announced, and it’s a bit disappointing considering that it is now only going to be a single match. 80 fighters in one battle royal seems as if the writers are rushing this arc. After practically saying “Come at me bro” to the other universes, Goku is met with Universe 11’s Toppo who claims he will the slay evil that is our hero. Goku’s response? “So I’m evil? That’s interesting!” Well that’s an unsettling way to end the episode to say the least.0005e518_1021010



Dragonball Super Episode 81 was a bit of a let down after last week’s incredible episode. The episode tries to shake up the plot by giving Goku the antihero role, but without reasoning it just falls flat. In addition to the story, the fight also misses the mark by being fairly mediocre. Dragonball Super is taking a 2 week break, hopefully when it returns it recaptures that feeling that the arc started out with. With the new rules in play, the battle royal will soon be taking place–lets get excited!


+ Bergamo demonizing Goku

+ Universal hatred towards Goku

+ Amazing animation and score

– Goku’s motives

– Bergamo vs Goku

– The Tournament of Power being down scaled

What’d you think? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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