Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon’s Newest Ride Brings Back Long Lost Movie

It’s safe to say that Disney has neglected their water parks over the years. With River Country having closed down indefinitely in 2001, Walt Disney World was left with only two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

But it looks like Typhoon Lagoon is getting a bit of a face lift when the newest addition (and longest ride at any of the water parks!), Miss Adventure Falls, arrives on March 12th.

Image: Disney

On the surface, it looks like just another family raft water slide but as you look closer at the story line (yes, this water slide actually has a story!) and some of the details, it seems like Miss Adventure Falls is bringing a bit more to Typhoon Lagoon than just another water slide.


On your journey, you will see countless artifacts collected by seafarer and explorer, Captain Mary Oceaneer. But it looks like her haul got caught up in a typhoon (no surprise there since we’re in Typhoon Lagoon) and now her treasures are scattered all through the two minute long water slide. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of Mary’s old diving partner—a talking parrot that is still hunting for treasure!

But this attraction isn’t just tying itself into the name of the water park. No, no. Take a closer look at some of the set pieces and props Guests will come into contact with while on Miss Adventure Falls.

Image: Disney

That ancient writing beneath the word TREASURES looks strangely familiar.


That’s right! Those squiggles spell out, “I come in peace,” and it is in Atlantean.

Remember that cartoon from the early 2000s? Disney’s first attempt at a sci-fi action adventure? Disney had big plans for Atlantis: The Lost Empire, with a whole series of films and even an underwater attraction at Disneyland! But with a less than stellar performance in the box office, those plans were cancelled and it looked like Atlantis would return to the Disney Vault forever.


But it looks like, with Miss Adventure Falls, Atlantis is getting another chance… even if it is just an Easter egg for fans to catch as they go zipping by in their raft.

Even if you’ve never even considered giving up a whole day at Walt Disney World just to visit a water park, you might want to reconsider the next time you’re down in the Happiest Place on Earth. This is only the second ride to ever be added to the water parks in the 20 years that they’ve been open. That, and the fact that Atlantis is making a sneaky appearance, may be enough to convince some to check out Typhoon Lagoon and Miss Adventure Falls.

Are you happy Atlantis is appearing in the Parks again? Are you excited for this new addition to Typhoon Lagoon? Or will you head over to Universal’s Volcano Bay water park instead? Don’t worry, I won’t tell the Mouse. Comment below and let us know!


Amanda Woomer-Limpert is The Geekiverse’s Disney expert. You can catch her on Instagram.

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