Dragonball Super Episode 80 Review


Dragonball Super episode 80 had a lot to live up too. Through the entirety of super, we have seen Gohan completely give up fighting to live up to chichis dream of her son becoming a scholar. Personally, I believe Gohan’s arc is one of Super’s strongest. Dragonball has a character who isn’t all about becoming the strongest and is solely focused on being a family man, but when the universe needs him, will Gohan be able to protect the ones he loves? Will he Awaken his lost power? Or will he let his fans down once again? Lets find out!dragon-ball-super-universe-survival-arc-screenshots-gohan

After last week’s awesome fight between Basil and Majin Buu, Universe 7 is taking the lead in the preliminary’s for the tournament. Next up is Gohan vs Lavender. Gohan takes off his nerd glasses and confidently enters the ring and tells his father that he is going to win. It was nice seeing how Goku expressed his confidence in his son. The fight seems to easily be an easy win for Gohan, but Universe 9’s Lavender has something up his sleeve. Lavender poisons Gohan and it blinds him in the process. What this episode does best is reminding of how Gohan is fighting strategist from all that training he has had with piccolo. With no energy to be sensed, Gohan must rely on his instincts, which made for a fight that more enjoyable to watch.

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The fight seems to take the lead when Gohan Transforms into a Super Saiyan, but this expansion in power actually spread the poison in his body faster. The concept of it being a double edge sword again brings the fight to greater heights. This is an awesome way of reminding us that when its time for Gohan to get serious, he’ll go beyond his limits to win the fight. With the poison completely spread throughout his body and with little time left to live, Gohan goes Super Saiyan once more and has one final push on Lavender. Both contestants hit the floor and Gohan arises to say ” I won”. That right there was a moment that fans have been waiting for since this show began. dragon-ball-super-episode-80-ssj-gohan

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Unfortunately, the Grand Priest announces the match to be a tie since both fighters hit the ground. This is kinda infuriating, but we all know who really won. After Gohan gets healed up, Goku shares how proud he is of Gohan and that he is becoming a lot stronger again. It’s a super touching moment between father and son. This moment however is interrupted by the episode’s biggest twist. The Grand Priest announces that Zeno is so impressed that the two weakest level of mortals put on such an entertaining fight. After an evaluation of all 12 universes, Universe 7 is second from the bottom. That’s mind blowing considering after all these adventures with Goku and company, there are 10 universes that are way stronger than our heroes. Goku had wanted this tournament to be a chance to be able to fight many strong warriors, but with the losers having their universe erased, its really time for the Z warriors to get it together and start training before they give Lord Beerus a heart attack, because if they lose, he’ll be erased along with the Supreme Kai. The tension is set as Goku enters the ring for the final fight with Universe 9, its pretty fair to say he’ll take home the win. Right?dragon-ball-super-episode-81



Dragonball Super Episode 80 has brought back one of the series’ best characters in such a satisfying way. Gohan vs Lavender was one of the most enjoyable fights Super has had in quite some time. The tournament of power is just getting started, but the stakes are already set so high. It’s one of the few times in Super where I feel that the Z warriors actually have a lot of challenge on their hands.  If this arc keeps up with the momentum, it’ll be the show’s best to date.

+ Gohan’s Character Development

+ Awesome world building

+ An exciting fight of strategy

–  The match was a “tie”


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