4 Accessories to Round Out Your Nintendo Switch Pre-Order

The newest Nintendo console is just around the corner, and if you were lucky you, snagged a preorder. Before you bring the console home, to work, school, or to your next party (looking at you Karen!), you may want to consider grabbing some of these accessories to cover your bases.

Micro SD Card

It is no secret that the internal storage of the Switch is limited, but the option to expand that memory with a standard micro SD card is built into the system. Fortunately, this may be the most affordable accessory for Nintendo’s newest console.

Most likely, you have one of these cards already if you have an Android phone or a modern digital camera. If you do have one of these cards, make sure you format it and that it is an extended capacity  card (SDXC). Another important factor to the card’s performance is if it has high speed read/write capabilities. If you have a reformatted, high capacity and speed card, you are good to go.

If you are shopping for a new card, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind; the five major sizes of the standard micro SDXC card are 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The extended capacity card is capable of reaching 2TB in storage, and the card reader in the Switch can handle up to 2TB, but these are not in development and will be too costly. Transfer speed is also important to keep in mind when selecting a card. The transfer speeds are rated on a class system, called the UHS class system. SDXC cards are either a class 1 or class 3, which means that they will either have a transfer speed at 10MB/sec or 30MB/sec respectively. These classes are noted on the card itself with either a 1 or 3 inside a “U” shape. Speed and size are two of the main features you want to keep in mind.


Recommendation: Samsung Evo+ 128GB micro SD card

For the best bang for your buck we recommend the Samsung Evo+ 128GB micro SD card. Though this card is only a UHS class 1, the extra storage will quadruple the internal storage of the Switch leaving enough room for your digital games.  At just under $50, it really cannot be beat as far as value.


Backup USB-C Charger

Having an extra charging cable is going to be a necessary addition to your Switch console to take on the road with you. Thankfully, Nintendo has made the Switch compatible with USB-C connections. This move to a standard USB connection is a huge move for Nintendo, and benefit to consumers.

There is a large selection of USB-C cords out in the wild, but there some things to keep in mind when you are shopping for your Switch backup charger. The main innovation of the USB-C model is that the plug is reversible, similar to the lighting cable that is used by Apple. Not all cords are created equal and you will get what you pay for.  You will most likely want to find a cord and wall charger combo. The cord length is also something to keep in mind as well.


Recommendation:  The Nyko Power Kit – Nintendo Switch

This charging set by Nyko is the best third party option to add on to your pre-order. This charging kit will give you an 8ft USB-C detachable charging cord, and a collapsible power brick all for $20. This deal is the best value out there and Nyko is a reliable gaming brand.

Travel Case

Protecting mobile devices without breaking the bank can be challenging. The Switch is not a small investment and probably shouldn’t be just thrown into a bag to take on the go, and though it is small it won’t fit comfortably into a pocket. Getting a protective case is probably your best bet to make sure your have a sturdy carrying case.

At this point the best cases are being made by Nintendo Certified third-party vendors and will probably be the safest route to take at launch. The truth is the aftermarket accessories for this console will be expansive, as it is with most Nintendo consoles.




Recommendation: PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case

This case has a neat simplistic design and is equipped with enough cushion to protect the console. It also comes with slots to store up to 14 game cartridges. PDP is officially certified by Nintendo. This case is priced well at $15 and undercuts a lot of the Nintendo branded accessories.


A good gaming accessory expands on the design of the console and helps polish up some of the design flaws. For the Switch, a major issue with using the console’s design is that it cannot be charged while in the table-top play-style. When the Switch is upright, leaning on its kickstand, the charging port is blocked by the table. That design issue can be remedied with a playstand.

These stands will, no doubt, be a popular accessory, and will help the overall experience of the table-top play-style. The stand elevates the tablet so that the cord can access the charging port. The elevated tablet will also make for more comfortable split-screen co-op play.


Recommendation:  HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

This Playstand by HORI is officially licensed by Nintendo and is currently the most reputable on the market. This stand will run you $13, but is worth it for the comfort and accessibility.

Which accessories will you be picking up for opening weekend? Leave us a comment below.


Jeff “Beta” Dugan is one of The Geekiverse’s Nintendo experts. You can catch him on our all video gaming podcast, Geeks Got Game.


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