Geekly Humpday: 5 Possible Interpretations of “The Last Jedi”

With all the speculation surrounding the latest film in the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Jo and I started to wonder who could they be referring to? I think it’s obvious, but Jo thinks it may go a bit deeper. One thing is for sure; we won’t know the real answer until this Christmas!


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Sam: My speculation is that it has to be Rey. I mean c’mon… Anakin/Luke’s Lightsaber chose her. (see our Skycalibur Theory) I also have a feeling that she may in fact be the last one, even though the title can be interpreted as plural. If not, my other choice is:

Kylo Ren

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Sam: Yep. This whiny Dark Side user and Darth Vader worshipper could redeem himself and become one of the last remaining Jedi alongside Rey. Far-fetched? Definitely. Possible? Of course.

Luke Skywalker


Josiah: The saga has pointed to Luke being “The Last Jedi” on several occasions, including the films and the recent titular Marvel Star Wars comic series. Episode VIII is clearly going to feature Luke prominently, and I am of the mind that he won’t make it out alive of the film. Yoda tells Luke “When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be” in Return of the Jedi. Supreme Leader Snoke references Luke as “The Last Jedi” in The Force Awakens, not to mention the crawl before the film refers to Luke as “The Last Jedi.”


Luke & Rey


Josiah: But what if Luke not only makes it, but gets to retire off into the sunset(s) peacefully? “Jedi” is technically plural, as most diehard fans will know. The recent international logos for Episode VIII confirm that they are speaking in a plural tense. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the likely Master-Apprentice dynamic of Luke and Rey will continue past the film’s end, but all signs point to yes.

A Character We Haven’t Met Yet


Josiah: Hear me out. What if the Knights of Ren are The Last Jedi? This bears more of a long shot than Sam’s Kylo Ren prediction, but you can’t leave anything on the table with Star Wars. Perhaps it is a character we haven’t met yet. Maybe it’s Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels (unless he is Snoke, which is my theory!). Benicio Del Toro’s character’s identity is unconfirmed at this point.  Rumors are starting to swirl. Isn’t speculation fun?


Who do you think “The Last Jedi” is/are? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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