Klingon Bloodwine: A Drink For Every Occasion

I am a fan of new experiences…well, most times. This summer I traveled to the land of Harry Potter and I got to eat Haggis. That was a little scary, but I washed it down with pint of actual Guinness, so there was that. In the past couple days, I had the new experience of having my first taste of Klingon Bloodwine.

I was a guest on the Synthaholics Podcast with our new chums David Duncan and Aaron O’Brian. Earlier in the day, David had called and asked me what kind of beer I was fond of. When I arrived to record, however, David announced that he had made a Klingon treat.

You may find an overwhelming need to drink from an authentic Klingon mug.

I was, of course, surprised that the ingredients were readily available here on Earth, but David was nice enough to film an entire video of the process of making the warrior race’s favorite spirit. Cooking With Iw.

The wine was sweet, (I actually typed sweat there, and then thought about leaving it). You could taste the cinnamon and the clove. I thought it would be great for a nice winter party, or if you are inviting people over to celebrate killing the neighbor’s dog for making business on your lawn. It might be great for Christmas, particularly to have a quick drink after slaughtering your own ham. I would certainly serve it on the day that your child received their black belt in Bat’leth combat. I drank it sparingly because unlike navigating a Klingon Bird of Prey through the Nuetral Zone, I had to navigate the Kensington Expressway through Cheektowaga.

There’s A LOT of Klingon accessories over at Amazon

Although I am not a guy who drinks a lot of wine, but I am glad I had this opportunity. I’ll leave you with this traditional Klingon toast – Iw bIQtIqDaq bIlengjaj – which translates to “May you travel down the river of blood”.

Do you have any Geek delicacies we need to discuss or try on the Geekiverse Show? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Pete Herr is the Grumpy Geek and now the Geekiverse’s expert on intergalactic cuisine. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is also the author of “10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t”



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