ICYMI : Last Week At The Geekiverse

Holy crap we had a great week last week over at Geekiverse International HQ. We say international because we can see Canada from here. So many good stories, welcomed some new Geeks, pulled the stops out on Geek Madness , wrestler Dan Joseph stopped by and Grumpy tasted some Klingon Bloodwine. True story. Here’s a run down of the highlights…

Are you signed up to play Geek Madness 2017? You can sign up here. We’re ironing out the final matchups and brackets will be available soon, but you have to be signed up on the Geekiverse
mailing list
to get the info. It’s FREE and it plays like the NCAA March Madness. Long and short…. choose your bracket and maybe win some prizes.

We welcomed some new peeps to the fold. You already got a chance to see some writing from new guy, Luke Conley, who reviewed the new NBC Series Powerless. Sort of new girl, Maggie Wirth also reviewed season 4 of Sherlock (I call Mags “sort of new” because she wrote a great review of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” awhile back), and David Duncan, new contributor from our collaborating site The Synthaholics Star Trek Podcast tossed us his feelings on why he IS making the Switch….the Nintendo Switch that is. A few weeks ago Sam said Switch was not in her future. Next week, expect to see some neophyte Geeks on our YouTube Channel (give us a Like, a share or subscribe, huh?), including Mike Powers, David Duncan, Maggie Wirth, Tia Elster and Chelsey Silvus.

Spock: Peace Love, Prosper Tee Shirt

Additionally, we had some great other pieces of news and opinion.

Keauna Reeves teased a potential Bill and Ted reunion

Grumpy makes the case that the DCEU might be unraveling

The Sweet One, Lou Mattuizzo RANKED the Batman Villains

We got a sweet list of Sci-Fi books being released in February

A Fox exec said, “Sure we can make another Firefly….. if…….”

And Josiah had a really interesting theory about Bruce Wayne on Gotham.

And, Jamie Got Some Mail….. Who doesn’t love mail?

Our pal, pro-wrestler Dan Joseph stopped by the studio. Here’s a quick picture, the video will be out soon. Dude’s a goof, but he’s our goof. Look at Brunner. He’s downright giddy. Wrestling geek.

And finally, while recording an episode of the Synthaholics Podcast, the Grumpy Geek had his first taste of Klingon Bloodwine. The video showing you how to make that Klingon delight will be available soon. You can count on us sharing it. For now… a picture will have to do. When asked how he liked it, Grumpy replied, “It’s a little sweet. I think it would be better if consumed from the skulls of the vanquished.”

So, there you have it.  There was tons of other great stuff too. Stop by The Geekiverse and have a look.

What’d you like? What’s you dislike? What was the most important thing this week? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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