Why I’m Not Making The ‘Switch’

Over a week ago Nintendo announced their new console, the Switch, is coming out on March 3rd for a modest $299.99. It features updated graphics, 3rd party support, and you can take it anywhere. You mean I can play Skyrim anywhere?! Yes, anywhere.

But honestly, after watching their conference, I was left feeling underwhelmed.

Almost as disappointed as them giving up on support for the Wii U, Nintendo keeps me coming back for one game in particular and it’s The Legend of Zelda. I bought every system from them since the N64 for that series and with it still coming out for Wii U, why would I spend $299.99 on the Switch? Oh, you mean I can play Zelda anywhere? Where am I going that I have enough free-time to settle down somewhere and play a video game, especially one as time consuming as Skyrim or Zelda?

Another bone I have to pick is their launch titles. How is it that Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is not a launch title? That game has been out for more than two years now. And don’t get me started about how much the accessories cost. Yeah we know, they have to make their money somewhere.  Also their availability – Nintendo has already released a statement saying that the Switch consoles are going to be hard to find and I keep thinking about is how hard it was to find a Wii. So I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t feel that the Switch is the right move. I have a Wii U. I barely play it but when I do wanna play it, I can play Smash and Mario Kart with its updated graphics and I don’t have to wait and spend another $59.99. I can only imagine that they’ll probably release Super Smash Bros. Deluxe that will include all the DLC we all already bought in due time.

I can see what other people are excited about, especially those with young children, who want a family friendly system that they can take anywhere on long road trips or even to grandma’s house. But in a world where kids are already controlled by iPads and TV, is this another thing that is necessary? The nice thing about iPads is that there are 100’s of apps that are free to play. Not to mention, kids can spend hours just watching unboxing video’s on YouTube. On behalf of the parents who have children, how durable is the Switch? If a kid drops it once, is the screen going to shatter like the infamous iPad? Also, the battery life on the Switch is atrocious and will decrease with games that feature higher graphical outputs: Zelda and Skyrim perhaps.

Don’t get me wrong, my intent is not to Nintendo bash. Quite the contrary; I’m just expressing my frustration with a company that I’ve liked since I was a child. I just feel that making a new console right in the adolescence of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One just doesn’t feel like the right move to me. A lot of the 3rd party games coming out on the Switch are games I already own for the PS4 – why would I buy them again? I have no intention of taking it with me out in the world, I have my phone. I feel that Nintendo should have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and fixed what was wrong with the Wii U before throwing in the towel and coming out with a new system. I feel so burnt out that I’m not sure if I’ll ever buy one.  What happens if the Switch is a flop? Are they going to give up on it too? Honestly, I think I’ll just stick with my 3DS.


Sam Budzinski is a regular cast member of Geeks Got Game, The Geekiverse’s all video games podcast. She is also the co-author of our weekly Geekly Humpday list articles. 

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6 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Making The ‘Switch’”

  1. Unfortunately the only way to fix what was wrong with he Wii U was to release new hardware. The Wii U was a massive flop and honestly the Switch is the first Nintendo device i can remember being excited for since the N64. The GameCube, Wii and Wii U I was Extremely skeptical about. Granted there are still things I want to know about the Switch but this will be my first Nintendo in Ages if you don’t count the 3ds.

    Speaking of the 3ds. Its an old system about 5 years old now if I Remember correctly Nintendo Hardware life cycle is causally around that 5 year mark. Now they have said the switch isn’t going to replace it but i think they are saying that to not hurt it’s sales. The 3ds had some massive frame rate drops in double battles in Poke’mon Sun and Moon. The hard ware is old and showing its age. The Switch being a unified hand held console Hybrid means they only have to make games once and not split development between two systems.

    Nintendo struggled with making games for the Wii U because they had there head in the sand and totally missed what every other game developer in the world ever said about making the switch to making games in HD vs SD. It feels like they are putting all their eggs in one basket with the Switch and I hope it works out.

    But then again I’d be just as happy if Nintendo just went the way of Sega and only made software. It’s got to be kicking around in their head after the massive success of Mario run and Pokemon Go. You’ll sell WAY more Mario and Zelda games if you sell it on a system every one has like the PS4 or Xbox One. Making you buy a Nintendo system to play their games is only hurting Nintendo and the Wii U is proof of that. The Switch looks great I hope it succeeds but it it doesn’t I hope Nintendo goes software only!

  2. I didn’t notice a frame rate drop with Pokémon Sun, which I’m currently playing right now, but I do agree with your insight about them releasing their game titles on PS4 and Xbone. If they released their games on those systems I wouldnt have to worry about buying a Nintendo System anymore and they probably would sell more games that way.

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