Geekly Humpday: Our Favorite Scary Video Games

This week we see the newest release of Capcom’s beloved franchise in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Jo and I will be celebrating by sharing our favorite Horror Games!

Welcome to Geekly Humpday! It’s our weekly Wednesday article that we bring to you in an effort to make your work week a little better. Enjoy!

Sam Budzinski

Dead Space

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I was turned on to Dead Space by a friend who made me watch the video comics online and was immediately hooked. The setting is an absolute gem. You play as an engineer named Isaac Clarke who receives a distress beacon from the USG Ishimura, a colony mining ship. Upon arriving, this once bustling ship is now quiet without any sign of life. What could have happened to all the people? Time will only tell as you start exploring the ship to find parts to fix it. The use of zero gravity and the stillness of space is amazing and chilling, not to mention the use of sounds and light make this one of the most effective scary games of all time. This is at the top of my list for survival horror.

Josiah: I also LOVE this game. The sequel is equally awesome but in a totally different way, while Dead Space 3 was ultimately disappointing but still worth your time.

Dead Space: The Novelization

Resident Evil

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How could we not have this on the list?! Resident Evil is where horror games began for me. I remember watching it on the PS1 and hiding underneath a blanket every time a zombie would start walking towards you. It’s first game that really used appropriate “jump scares” and was scary enough for me as a kid to make me leave the room. The puzzle solving of the game was ingenious and intense and really defined the game as a true survival horror masterpiece.  Capcom must have done something right because it spans across multiple games and even movies. How can the survivors undo what Umbrella Corp has done?

From Spencer to Baker: A Resident Evil Retrospective

Josiah: Know what’s the most tragic thing about this list? I have only played one Resident Evil – RE 6. I don’t quit video games, I finish beginning to end. RE6? I played 1 of the 4 campaigns and called it quits. I just couldn’t do it. It’s so blah. Ask Jeff Pawlak.

Left 4 Dead

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Watching the opening cutscene was what hooked me on this game. I immediately wanted to know what happened and how I could get the four protagonists to safety. I was also amazed at the four player co-op. The gameplay is amazing and intelligent. If you stay somewhere too long, it will trigger a zombie horde and maybe something even worse. Making a lot of noise such as making a car alarm go off can also trigger zombies to your location. The special infected or mutant zombies such as a Tank or the Witch are perfectly unsettling and you’re always prepared for the worst upon seeing them. The game also makes it so you have to work together; striking out on your own can kill you and you’re no use to your team dead. Left for Dead has amazing replay value and it’s one game that I still own for my Xbox 360.

Listen to Sam mimic the Witch from Left 4 Dead eerily close.


Josiah LeRoy

Left 4 Dead 2

Zoe Saldana would totally play her if Left 4 Dead ever became a movie.

Though Sam mentioned L4D above, I actually never played it. Left 4 Dead 2 came to Xbox 360 in demo form before the game came out and I fell in love. Best Buy had it on sale for $40 about a month after release and I convinced my best friend Bardol to buy it too. We spent hours upon hours playing co-op over Xbox Live. We got pretty good at it too, despite having two NPC characters in our party. The game is a blast to play and seemed to build on the success of the first release. In fact, I smell a Twitch stream coming!

Alan Wake


I absolutely adore this game. It was somewhat of a cult classic before emerging into one of the Xbox 360’s most critically acclaimed games ever. The story writing is top notch. You control Alan, a writer who is living the nightmare of a story he can’t remember writing. The gameplay dynamic of using your flashlight to fend off enemies while switching back and forth with your gun of choice, mixed with extremely limited ammunition (and batteries) make for a tense, thrilling atmosphere. Though we received an Xbox Live Arcade spinoff in Summer 2012, I am clambering for a full fledged sequel, which was slightly teased in developer Remedy’s Quantum Break. I could not recommend this game any more highly. It’s also fun in a group setting, despite being single player only.

Josiah’s Quantum Break Review for Xbox One



Speaking of Xbox Live Arcade hits, Limbo is one of the titles that Microsoft and the gaming world can thank for bringing smaller, downloadable games to the forefront. Limbo showed that a simple game in scope and size can be a game of the year contender. Short and sweet, you control a soundless boy, apparently trapped in a nightmare. The game is stunning in all black and white and only features the usage of 3 buttons. You can purchase Limbo on just about any device these days, including your phone. Recommendation: play in a dark, quiet atmosphere. Turn the TV up. There’s nothing terribly jumpy. You’ll thank me – I think.

Our Limbo Review

What are some of your favorite survival/horror/scary games? We’d love to know! Get in the community discussion and comment below. If you enjoyed this article, share it with a friend.

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