The Geekend Blog Is Back! January 21, 2017

What are your geeky plans this weekend?

Here at The Geekiverse, we love interacting with the geek community. Afterall, it’s what we are! We haven’t done the Geekend blog in a few years, so check out what our staff is doing this weekend and be sure to share what you’re up to in the comments below.

Josiah LeRoy: One of my 2017 resolutions was to play more games this year, and I am blissfully achieving that so far! I’ve already finished Batman: Return to Arkham (100% on Arkham Asylum, still chipping away at City) and Doom on Xbox One. In my free moments this weekend, I am chugging along in Unravel, EA’s wonderful, breathtaking indie-like title from last year. I am about 75% of the way through. It’s challenging and rewarding. Plus I got it for $5 during Xbox’s Christmas sale. I recently began a run through of Rise of the Tomb Raider (FINALLY) and lastly, I am about to go on a Stanley Cup Finals run in NHL 17. My family is going to one of those escape room things. This one is Alice In Wonderland themed – my wife is thrilled.

Is Krueger: Sup geeks. So for my weekend I’m not doing much besides finally playing through a series that I should have a long long time ago. One of the highest rated series of all time. Any guesses? That’s right kids. Is Krueger is finally playing through MASS EFFECT…..I know what you’re thinking….”but Krueger, how can you never have played Mass Effect before?” Well let me tell you I was naive and very stupid. 12 hours into the first game and HOLY S**T, I’m hooked. Aside from that I’ll be taking breaks for some time to play through the Infinite Warfare campaign as well as some BO3 Multiplayer for the Double XP Weekend. That’s all for now.

Add me on XBL GT: Is Krueger.  Just remember, I’m coming for you in your nightmares.

The Grumpy Geek: Hard to be grumpy on a 50 degree day in January. After the distractions of inauguration week, I am determined to get back into the unfinished projects list. I’ll be writing a review for Eliot Peper’s Cumulus, a pretty cool, near future dystopian novel. That review will be out soon. Also, I hope to finish reading Amy S. Foster’s Rift: The Uprising, a young adult sci-fi novel about some  tough kids and the multiverse. It was on my October list of new releases that I wanted to read. You can count on a review of that in the near future.

Brunner 1.0: I am catching up on the UK Tournament on the WWE Network. I’ve failed to stay on top of it, and now I must pay for my sins with no sleep and all of the wrestling. I also plan on recording a new Geeks Talk Wrestling with The Raven! Hopefully, I can spend my Sunday reading up on my latest Stephen King novel, and sneak in some gaming of course.


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