Ranked!: Superhero Power Couples

Superheroes in relationships.  Could you imagine what couples counseling with these duos would be like?  Right, I’ve never thought about that either…………..

Before getting into the Nitty Gritty (that’s a thing people with friends still say, right?), let me just clarify that I purposely left off couples where only one side of the equation was Superhero-y.  I love The Flash with Iris West and Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy and/or Mary Jane Watson, but I reserved this list for pairs in which their combined Superhero percentage is 100% (math quota filled).  I probably should have saved this list for Valentine’s Day…Ah, well…here ya go…

Honorable Mention: Batman & Catwoman- Only an H.M. for the mere fact that I couldn’t remember if they had ACTUALLY been a couple at any point or if it was all flirtation and black spandex on rooftops over the last several decades.  I suppose this is an instance in which Google was made for, but…whatever, Batman gets enough love on these lists…just couldn’t remember if he ever got love from Selina Kyle!

Editor’s Note: I can indeed confirm that Batman and Catwoman have been a couple. In the current season of Fox’s Gotham, young Bruce and Selina are an official couple. 

Top 10 Superhero  Power Couples


10. Superman & Wonder Woman

Those who know me, know that these 3 things are fact:
1. I married up, WAY up
2. If my son grew up to root for any team from Boston, I’d cry actual tears of sadness
3. I hate Superman

And for clarification, there are iterations of the character I enjoy (Henry Cavill, Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Welling), but I’ve never really warmed up to Supes in general.  Oh cool, you’re invulnerable unless you’re in the presence of a different colored sun or an Emerald City rock.  Not my thing.
BUT!  When you put 2 of the most iconic comicbook characters of all time in a relationship together as the New 52 did, even if it wasn’t actually what it seemed (read Superman: Rebirth), it does (begrudgingly) deserve a spot on this list. There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to these two.


9. Cyclops & Jean Grey

Arguably the Royal Couple of the X-Men, Scott Summers and Jean Grey have been through just about everything a couple could go through: death; one member re-emerging as a giant cosmic death bird; procreating a bad ass time-traveling mutant; a feral, killing machine wanting to break you up, etc.  ……………..Yeah, I probably could’ve just stopped with giant cosmic death bird.  To sum it up, they’re iconic.


8. Aquaman & Mera

They might hate each other more often than not, but the King & Queen of Atlantis are one of DC’s most powerful, and longest lasting, couples. Even through adversity, which included the death of their son Arthur Jr. at the hands of Aquaman‘s top nemesis Black Manta, Arthur and Mera have continued to rule the seas hand in hand.  Be prepared for their relationship to reach new epic, yet slightly dysfunctional heights in James Wan’s Aquaman film.


7. Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Two of DC’s most celebrated villains falling for each other is a shipper’s dream (I know what “shipping” is because I have a 14 year old…shipping is weird), but that’s exactly what happened this past summer when a pair of Batman’s rogues finally escaped the friendzone and became a legit femme fetale couple.  Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn had alluded to being more than friends since the good ol’ Batman: The Animated Series days, but in both the DC’s Bombshells Alternate Universe run, as well as the Earth-1 continuity of Harley Quinn, Harley and Ivy seem a perfectly happy, perfectly healthy polyamorous couple.  Important for the positive relationship it shows between the 2 icons, as well as showing Harley in a loving relationship following an often abusive interconnection with the one and only Clown Prince of Crime.


6. Apollo & Midnighter

Existing first in the Wildstorm Universe, which was then revealed to be part of the DC Comics Multiverse, Apollo and Midnighter are their world’s 2 greatest heroes, their beacon of hope (Apollo) and their dark vigilante (Midnighter).  Oh, and they’re married, with a daughter.  To put that into perspective, this is the equivalent of Superman and Batman being a couple.  If these characters were more well known, and existed in the mainstream DC continuity, they would be even higher on this list, as they are clearly the definition of a power couple (cuz they’re both really, REALLY powerful.  And f-n awesome).


5. Green Arrow & Black Canary

One thing that the CW Arrowverse & DC’s New 52 run had in common was their catastrophic handling of the Oliver Queen/Dinah Laurel Lance relationship.  Most fans find it hard to imagine one without the other, as vigilantism is something that is clearly more fun with someone you love.  Starting off as adversaries before both joining the Justice League, it was a long road to their eventual nuptials, which as stated, was side tracked by the New 52, but so far their Rebirth reboot has put the couple back on the right track.


4. Black Panther & Storm

If their marriage had stood the test of time, The King of Wakanda and the weather controlling mutant would’ve been #1 on this list.  The couple’s marriage lasted a short six years, but while they were together, they were epitome of class, royalty, heroism and badassery.  Speculation has it that the Comic Gods at Marvel purposefully broke up the dream couple during the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, as they were aware that a Marvel Cinematic Universe version of T’Challa was coming to fruition, and that Ororo Munroe’s rights are held by Fox Studios until the end of time.  I speculate that this is a damn shame, as a live action Black Panther finding his true love in the mutant Storm sounds monumental to say the least.


3. Gambit & Rogue

Ahhhh, the Romeo and Juliet of the Marvel Universe.  Never destined to be together, always ALMOST on the cusp, then the star-crossed lovers are torn apart for a multitude of reasons.  Gambit and Rogue are an extreme case of “opposites attract,” and the X-Men fandom has been clamoring for years to have this duo become a legitimate couple.  Some even voiced their displeasure with Anna Paquin’s Rogue falling for Bobby Drake aka Iceman in Fox’s X-Men movie franchise, as her heart truly belongs to the Thief of Hearts (that’s really one of his nicknames. Gambit rules).  The “will they or won’t they” chemistry between the 2 will no doubt continue until the end of time, understandably infuriating X-lovers for eternity. But hey, they’re awesome together in the 1992 X-Men cartoon, so we’ll always have that.


2. Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

A functional, healthy relationship within a comic book.  Wait, what?  Is that a real thing that exists?  Sure does, in the form of married couple “Power Man” Luke Cage & fellow super-powered, super-strong hero Jessica Jones. While their relationship is one of comics more recent pairings, the chemistry between the 2 seems destined to survive the ups and downs of superherodom (chemistry that’s clearly evident in the Netflix’s Marvel shows as well).  Oh!  And they have a daughter together.  Oh!  And she grows up to be the future Captain America (read: US Avengers).  So yeah, you could say things are pretty serious in the Cage/Jones household.


1. Black Bolt & Medusa

What do you get when you have a royal marriage between a King who can level cities with just the whisper of a spoken word & a Queen with the ability to control her hair, with each strand having the strength of an iron rod, in ways that allow her to pick up objects in excess of 1 ton?  You get the rulers of the InHuman Royal Family, Black Bolt & Medusa.  While Black Bolt is silent the majority of the time (for the sake of not destroying the entire world 10 times over), Medusa is often the only one who truly understands him, acting often as his council and liege, and is often just as fierce as he is.  With Marvel promoting the InHumans more heavily in the comics in recent years (due to having their movie/television rights, as opposed to the X-Men which are owned by Fox), this couple will soon find an even bigger stage with the upcoming InHumans TV show being created, centered around the pair and their extended Royal Family.

Thank you for reading my article on ten couples who don’t even exist in real life.  I look forward to hearing from you on who your favorite superhero couples are, please comment your list below!

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Lou Mattiuzzo is a full time husband, full time father, full time teacher & full time superhero enthusiast.  He’s well aware that you just read an entire article of him complaining.  He’ll make it up to you sooner or later.


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10 thoughts on “Ranked!: Superhero Power Couples”

  1. Whoa… did this cause controversy on Reddit…. most common complaints were the omission of Pete and MJ, and Lois and Clark, which I assume were left off because the ladies weren’t in the hero business….but Reed and Sue????

    1. You’d be absolutely correct about the first 2. Both significant others were to be part of the superhero/crime fighting business. As for Reed and Sue, well…I debated with them. I love Marvel, but could never get into the Fantastic 4, no matter how hard I tried (other than the Human Torch, always appreciated his character). I get that the F4 were the first family of Marvel for a long, long time, but had I put them on this list, it would’ve been for the wrong reasons, i.e. not for myself. The whole point of this article is to put my opinion out there. If someone came to me and said, “Lou, your list is complete garbage, I have Sue and Reed #1,” I would say, “Whoa, that was harsh, I don’t know if it was COMPLETE garbage, maybe just half of it. And you are completely justified in putting Reed and Sue #1.” Like I’ve always said, the best part of geek culture is that we can all have our own opinions, and nobody is wrong.

      Unless Superman is your favorite, in that case, you are wrong 🙂

  2. I always hated the Black Panther and Storm coupling (although I dislike most of Hudlins run in general) but glad Luke and Jessica ranked so high. Great list.

    1. Thank you man, I appreciate that, and appreciate you taking the time out to read this. Would you have had Luke and Jessica #1? The way they’re written as a couple seems so much more “real life” than a lot of the other couples, and I love that about it.

      1. For sure, the realness of their relationship is what makes it so much fun to read. Check out Luke and her in Mighty Avengers it’s funny and sweet at the same time.

    1. You are 50% correct, my friend. I put Harley & Ivy on, and both have been considered villains, but have toed that anti-hero line as well. But the other 50% consists of Joker & Harley’s relationship always being abusive and unhealthy. I tried to stick with positive couples in this one

  3. Not sure I would count Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn as Super Heroes (I’ve been told way too many times that Al Simmons and Frank Castle can’t be my favorite heroes because they are technically “anti-heroes”) let alone a power couple considering the long standing couples like Reed and Sue Richards didn’t even make the list. I’m totally with the first comment on this one. On my personal list I would definitely had Rogue and Gambit as my 1. That was a fun read! BUT just to be a pain in the ass what about Emma Frost and Scott Summers Sure Jean was the love of his life, but Emma was a very transformative figure in his life…

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I hear what you’re saying. I got a lot of criticism for this list, and looking back on it, some of it is warranted, as I should’ve done a little more research before setting the couples.
      -The reason Sue and Reed didn’t make the list is an entirely biased move on my part. I dislike the FF…a lot…even being a Marvel fan, so that was my own “f you” coming out. Should they be on this list? Yes, and most likely pretty far down
      -I would allow you to have Al Simmons & Frank Castle as your favorite heroes lol. I love Captain America, but after that, my favorite “heroes” toe the line as anti-heroes for sure (Gambit-thief, Punisher-killer, Winter Solder-assassin, Deadpool-asshole).
      -Ya know, I didn’t even think about Emma Frost w/ Scott as a possibility for this list, but you’re absolutely right. I actually like Emma much more than Jean, so that’s a good call, and she did have a profound impact on his life.
      -I PURPOSELY did not put Gambit & Rogue #1 because I thought that was TOO biased on my part, as Gambit is my favorite “hero” and they are my favorite superhero couple. Now, that makes little to no sense, since I left Reed & Sue off the list based on that same bias, so I can’t even defend that. You and I should have talked before I made this list haha

      Thank you again for the comment, and thank you for approaching it in a respectful manner. We all know that’s not how some “fans” approach differing opinions. Looking forward to more conversations like this!

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