The 5 Biggest Questions Ahead of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2

It’s been a long seven months since Voltron: Legendary Defender debuted on Netflix. The first season left old school giant mecha fans thrilled by this reboot featuring one of animation’s most famous robots, while also hitting us with a gigantic cliffhanger that any fan can’t wait to see resolved.

Well, the wait is just about over, as the second season will drop onto your Netflix menu starting tonight at midnight. It means more intergalactic battles between Voltron and the Galra forces, more villainy from Emperor Zarkon, and definitely more banter between the Paladins, Lance, Shiro, Keith, Pidge, and Hunk.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Comic

But before we dive into the sophomore season, there’s a few pressing issues that we’re most looking forward to [hopefully] getting answered this time around.

It may go without saying, but there will be plenty of SPOILERS ahead from season 1.


1. Where are the crew going to end up?

As season 1 came to a close, the Paladins, Allura, and Coran were hurtling through a wormhole to escape Zarkon’s forces, all seemingly being separated and thrown to different parts of the universe. Who knows what planets and galaxies–or dimensions–they’ll find themselves in. Will we see familiar locales (maybe even a return to Earth), or all brand new settings? Just as pressing is the question of how they’ll all get back together. The universe is a vast, vast place, as proven so far in the series, and it’s only going to be saved if the Paladins are together to form Voltron.

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2. Who was the Galra who shut down the shield?

Before the crew escaped Zarkon’s clutches, they were seemingly saved by a Galra soldier who disabled the shield once trapping them. Said Galra didn’t say a word as he did it, but we know now that his name is Thace. And that’s about it. That doesn’t tell us much about him, specifically, what we care about most–why in the world he was helping the Voltron team avoid capture. It’s safe to assume that he’ll play a role in season 2’s adventures, so it’ll be interesting to learn just why this seemingly random Galra decided to go rogue.


3. What effect will the Quintessence have on Keith?

We already know that Quintessence is a pretty incredible substance found in the deep reaches of the galaxy; it’s among the greatest sources of fuel for weaponry, and it also seems to empower living beings, even lengthening their lifespan. Keith got bathed in the mysterious element in the penultimate episode last season, so how long will it be before we start to see the effects on him? More importantly, what are those side effects going to be? He’s already a very capable–albeit, hotheaded–warrior, so just imagine what another kick to him will do.


4. What really happened to Shiro?

So, we know the basics behind this. During his captivity under the Galra, Shiro was implanted with some of their technology, including having his arm weaponized. We still don’t know why, though. What made him such an appealing test subject for the Galra? Was there intent for him to someday serve their forces? There’s also the dicey matter of Zarkon turning out to be the original Black Lion pilot, explaining why Shiro was never in possession of a traditional Bayard. It’s hard to believe there’s no kind of relationship between Shiro and Zarkon, and we want to know the details of that, too!


5. What new abilities and weapons will Voltron display?

The Paladins only came together to form Voltron a handful of times in the first season. Now, they’ve got a little more experience working as a team and piloting the mythical machine, so once they regroup, we can expect them to be an even more formidable force than before. Voltron proved that it could be a one-machine-army during the assault on Zarkon’s fortress–so what wild, outrageously-overpowered weapons and attacks will the Paladins unleash in season 2? And what kind of dangerous foes will prompt them to do so?

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Jeff Pawlak is the animation buff at the Geekiverse. He’s watched plenty of anime in his time, and he’s glad to see that American studios have started churning a string of animated epics in recent years. He plans to spend his weekend plowing through season two of Voltron: Legendary Defender, which he’ll have a review for once he’s done. Find him on Twitter @JeffreyPavs



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