A Letter From The Editor: So Long 2016. Why Hello There, 2017!

Hello Geeks!

It’s the end of another year of entertainment in the form of games, movies, and everything we love. From Deadpool to Rogue One, from Quantum Break to Overwatch, our year was packed with excitement, speculation, and enjoyment.

I’d be remiss if I did not give a nod to the countless lives lost too soon this year, particularly those that helped to open the doors to geekdom in many of our lives. You will be missed and I hope to meet you one day.

As for The Geekiverse, we saw our biggest year yet. Our Youtube Channel was launched at the tail end of 2015 and brought us many unforgettable moments in 2016. Our Podcast Channel was reinvigorated in the Fall of this year with numerous new shows debuting. Lastly, our website continues to provide the written content that we love to publish. Our Youtube Channel brought us over 25,000 views, and our website viewage grew by nearly 75%.

Greatness from small beginnings.

As we enter our third full calendar year (fourth overall), I want to say thank you to many people, with the following to name just a few: my It’s A Thing Media co-founder, Pete Herr aka Peaches aka The Grumpy Geek. We make a damn fine team. Jamie LeRoy for handling the graphic design for the company and many late nights. Adam Herr for running our Youtube Channel and editing the majority of our video content. Austin Brunner for moving to Michigan – actually, for running our audio content, his enthusiasm and passion for the GKV, and for being the one true Money$. Our wonderful staff that I consider some of my greatest friends; Jeffrey Pavs, Trevor White aka Brunner 2.0, Seth Zielinski aka Cap Americanski & Jeff “Beta” Dugan for joining our team this year, The Artist Formerly Known as Sam Sarvis (and original member) – you are an absolute joy, Genepool Williams, “The Sweetest” Lou Matiuzzo, Andrew Jamestown Garvey for commuting so far to join us, Nicholas Ramirez, Kevin Kapsiak, my Gotham pal Vilona “The Russian Roulette” Trachtenberg, and anyone who has contributed to The Geekiverse. Also our wonderful friends Dave & Aaron from Synthaholics & Robbie from The Nerdy Nomicon.

Most importantly, thank you to my adoring wife Lauren aka Little Miss Funeral and our family, for supporting this & myself through a crazy, ever-changing 2016.

In 2017, I look forward to more new shows and podcasts, and loads of written content in the form of news, reviews, and opinions.

Thank you, the reader for visiting our site, whether that’s been once, a few times, or you regularly subscribe to our content across our media platforms. It means so very much to us to share in your joy, enthusiasm, debate, and above all else, passion. God bless, be safe, and don’t forget – 2017 is The Year of The Geek. Happy New Year!

Josiah LeRoy
Founder, Senior Editor of The Geekiverse

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