Holiday Shopping Guide for the Anime Geek

The holidays are coming up fast, and if you’ve got shopping left to do for someone who’s an anime fan, this may just be the perfect list for you to read through. Below are a variety of ideas of gifts to grab for the anime lover in your life, from shows they would have watched on Toonami as a child, to the shows they might still be watching now on Adult Swim, Netflix, or Crunchy Roll.


Replica Dragon Balls


Even if they’re not keeping up with Dragon Ball Super, anybody who spent their youth watching Goku and the gang and pretending to shoot a Kamehameha will appreciate their own set of the series’ namesake.

Attack on Titan Survey Corps Jacket


Feeling as if you’re in the world of Attack on Titan may be a terrifying prospect, but if you’ve got to do it, there’s no better way than the don a jacket modeled after the valorous Survey Corps who go into battle against the series’ nightmarish foes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Adult Coloring Book


It may not technically be an anime, but any anime fan surely loves Avatar: The Last Airbender. This awesome coloring book features 49 incredible illustrations from the most memorable moments of the original series.

Gundam Barbatos Model


Any Gundam model is a great gift, whether it’s from Zeta, Wing, 00, or more recently, as featured here in the image, from the ongoing Iron Blooded Orphans.

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Mask


Hopefully whoever you buy this for doesn’t suddenly pick some of the more gruesome habits as seen in Tokyo Ghoul. If they avoid that, they’ll have a great accessory to wear at comic cons or on Halloween of the hit horror anime and manga.

The Art of Princess Mononoke


For many anime lovers, Princess Mononoke (along with all Hayao Miyazaki films) is as much a part of their childhood as Disney flicks were for other children. This hardcover book is the perfect way to celebrate the iconic action/adventure fantasy’s upcoming 20th anniversary

Hayao Miyazaki Blu-Ray Collection


And if by some chance that Hayao Miyazaki fan wants to relive the classic animated films with unprecedented clarity, get them this incredible blu-ray collection of the famed director’s works.

Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack


If such an answer exists to the question – “Which anime has the best music?”, it’s got to be Cowboy Bebop, whose unforgettable musical score was, unsurprisingly, written by the legendary Yoko Kanno.

Rurouni Kenshin Movie Trilogy


Typically, anime doesn’t translate well to live action, but the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy is maybe the biggest exception to that of all time. Retelling the beloved anime/manga’s storyline from Kenshin’s return to Tokyo, to his epic encounter with rebels in Kyoto, this live action trilogy will thrill anyone who enjoyed the original anime or manga.

Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch


This isn’t just for show on a cosplay outfit; it’s fully functional, battery-operated watch crafted out of metal to look just like the watches given to State Alchemists in the franchise. What would your State Alchemist nickname be?

What’s your favorite item on this list? Do you have a cool anime gift idea? Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from The Geekiverse!

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