Fuller House, Season 2 Review

Because just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore 90’s nostalgia in that San Francisco home…

Netflix strikes again with another season of the Full House sequel, Fuller House. Once again the focus is on the 3 women who took center stage in the first season, which you can read all about here.

Season 2 is heavily themed in relationships and love interests. DJ is trying to decide between Steve and Matt. They find their own romance outside of the Fuller House, and that leaves DJ in a bind. Steph ends up dating a Gibbler, which sets up all sorts of interesting comedic moments. And Kimmy is dealing with the engagement with Fernando. In the end, I’m not sure we got many answers, but the story development throughout the season for each situation was compelling enough for teenage Austin. Yes, I had an out of body experience and went back into the 90’s.

"Fuller House"
Kimmy, Steph, DJ

Something I noticed as I went back into each episode is that there was a lot of holiday themes here, which makes sense for a family show. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween and New Year’s are all featured in the 12-13 episodes of the season. That gave ample opportunity for old faces to come back into the fold. Danny Tanner. Uncle Jesse. Aunt Becky. Uncle Joey. Even some appearances by some unexpected old characters, like Gia, Kathy Santoni, Duane aka the “whatever guy, Viper, and Nelson. The throwback to the Full House series is prevalent, and awesome, and totally awesome dude.

Much like Full House as well, we get to see the kids growing up. Ramona gets her first kiss! It’s not as heart-warming as you would expect which honestly broke my little ginger heart a bit. Jackson continues to try and convince Lola they should be together, which also broke my little ginger heart. The kid is just looking for love! And Max is just trying to prove he’s not young and dumb, which he successfully does a few times by outsmarting the grown ups. It’s a fun season with the kids where the writers built on growing their personalities. If there’s ever a Fullerer House, they’re building no the fact that people want to see this group of youngsters grow.

Fuller House
The gang is back together

Fuller House definitely built on what Full House established. There is an established focus for each member of the household, and they always come together. Granted, this version is a bit edgier than the ABC Family version I remember back in the day, but it’s the same mantra. The family stays strong, and perseveres through it all. There are some blockbuster moments that truly threw me off, but the family is a lot like the sun; always rising. You can’t keep a Tanner, a Fuller, or a Gibbler down. While these are old characters that have simply grown up for the majority of the cast, they still seem like the New Kids On The Block (watch the season, and you’ll understand the reference).

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