Timeless: Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde Review

Action and suspense, a budding romance, and a little bit of mystery. What more can you even ask for in an hour long episode?!


Not only did Lucy and the gang get to meet Bonnie and Clyde in this week’s episode, but they also had the privilege of working with them. Posing as bank robbers not unlike the infamous duo, Lucy and Wyatt got into plenty of trouble and uncovered some hidden feelings along the way.

The team was split up as Lucy and Wyatt got caught up in a gun fight between Flynn/the police and Bonnie and Clyde. There is hardly ever a dull moment in these episodes, and that kind of action, along with the historical value and believable characters is what makes this show so engaging.

When Wyatt told his actual engagement story to Bonnie and Clyde, pretending Lucy was the woman in the story, I was so heartbroken for him. He has so many fond memories of his wife, all mixed with sadness and regret. What makes it more complicated is the slowly building romance he seems to be having with Lucy. Yes, they were acting to save their lives when they kissed, but there was no denying that something was there. Especially when they awkwardly talked it out at the end of the episode, calling each other “baby doll” and “sweetheart.” This awkwardness made it all the more adorable, and I think Lucy and Wyatt would make a pretty good couple. Too bad Lucy is engaged to a guy she doesn’t even know.

Flynn’s plan for this time jump was not actually to change history, but to obtain a necklace that was around Bonnie’s neck, as it was actually a key to something unknown to us. He did call it “Ritten House Key” on a piece of paper that was found amongst his things, which makes it even more of a mystery. Flynn was not actually foiled by the team this week, as he retrieved the key and used it to open a mysterious box that encased a scroll. What’s on that scroll?? Also, how did he know where to find the key and what it was for? At least we got to see him get somewhere on his mission.

Agent Christopher is finally starting to catch on that Ritten House has a hand in everything that is going on. I’m glad Rufus tried to warn her to stay away, as this solidifies his good guy personality. However, I am very scared for Christopher’s daughter that we just found out about. If she keeps trying to find out details about the elusive Ritten House, who have been known to threaten families, I fear for what will happen to hers.

Teasers for the midseason finale, which airs next week, make me think we are going to get some answers before this month-long break. However, if I know nighttime television, and this show in particular, we will probably get a few answers and a whole lot more mysteries. Hopefully they don’t leave us on a cliff hanger. Stay tuned to find out in next week’s midseason finale!





This was one of my favorite episodes of the series. There was a lot of action and a pretty good storyline. The team used their skills and were able to survive, but couldn’t stop Flynn. Flynn’s storyline made some headway as he obtained the Ritten House key and used it to open a mysterious box. There were hardly any negatives this week, and I hope next week’s midseason finale lives up to this standard.

+ Lucy knows Latin. What can’t this woman do?!

+ Flynn is getting somewhere with his plan and this mission actually seemed to coincide with his intentions (whatever they may be)

+ Rufus used the tape recorder to save the team’s lives

+ The action and adventure never quits!

– Suddenly Rufus and Jiya are together when she didn’t even make an appearance in last week’s episode

– The team changed how some events occurred and it did not seem to have an affect on anything at all, as usual. In this case, Bonnie and Clyde’s “friend” Henry who sold them out was killed by Clyde, whereas originally, he lived longer than the duo.



What did you think of this week’s episode of Timeless? Stay tuned for next week’s midseason finale and leave your comment below!


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