The Best Geek Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree

Every family has their traditions for Christmas. The one or two things that you totally look forward to each and every year. For me, I love to decorate the Christmas tree, and here’s why.

My wife had a great idea when our kids were little. She started to buy one ornament per year for each of our kids. She took great care to pick ornaments that reflected what the kids were interested in. Sports they were playing, musical instruments that they loved, characters from their favorite movies, and one year when Adam wore a Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer costume to entertain kids at a tree lighting ceremony, she found the coolest Rudolf ornament.

This summer, when my wife and I visited Scotland, England, Ireland and France, we bought Christmas ornaments in those places to commemorate our trip. At Christmas time, my students have given me ornaments over the years, and I have kept them all. And, of course, there are the ornaments that Adam made in school back when he was just a little geek. There are even some ornaments that my grandmother had made years and years ago.

Our Christmas tree is a veritable time machine, and it often takes me way longer than it should to decorate it, because I look at each ornament and I get to remember all of these things that were and are so important to me.

Someday, as a result of my wife’s foresight, Adam will head out to begin his own family, and he’ll have a whole box of ornaments to start out with for his own Christmas tree.

So, here’s my picks for some of the best Geek ornaments for some of the major fandoms.

Star Trek

2016 was an important year for Star Trek. 50 years of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, the Enterprise and Star Fleet. If I had to pick one ornament this year, I would have to go with the 50th Anniversary USS Enterprise ornament. It’s cool, it’s gold, and a nice commemorative of the franchise that has been pretty important in the whole of my life.

startrekornamentDon’t like this one? Here’s a whole page of Star Trek ornaments.

Star Wars

It was a good year for Star Wars fans. No doubt that there is an incredible rebirth in the Star Wars universe since it changed ownership. Is there a more iconic moment from the films than Han Solo encased in Carbonite? That would look great on any tree.
han-carbonite-ornamentFrozen heroes not your thing? Here’s a full page of other Star Wars ornaments

What a great year to be a Marvel fan, huh? Civil War, Deadpool, Dr.Strange and X-Men. Then there was the recent release of the first trailer for Spiderman Homecoming. If you have a Geek tree, you NEED a Marvel ornament. Me? That Spidey trailer got me jazzed, so I am going with a webslinger ornament.
spidey-ornament-croppedThis list of Marvel ornaments is bigger than Thanos

DC didn’t have a slouch of a year either. Batman V. Superman, The Killing Joke, Suicide Squad and they are tearing it up over on The CW with The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. If you’re looking to start a DC Comics ornaments collection, you have to start with the A-Team….of super villains.
What’s bigger than Doomsday? This list of DC ornaments

Harry Potter
2016 was the year the Wizarding World grew with two new installments – the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage play and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in the movie theaters. But in choosing ornaments I had to go with the Houses of Hogwarts 5 piece set of ornaments, featuring the crests of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. A little pricey, but quite cool.

More Potter ornaments than spells in Salazar Slytherin’s spellbook

Street corners were littered with the Pokemon Go players this year. It was quite the sight to see as the 1996 Nintendo game had such a revival.  Is there anything that says Pokemon more than Pikachu and a Poke ball?
Gotta hang them alllist of lots of Poke Ornaments

Walking Dead
When I included The Walking Dead on my list here, I was trying to imagine what a TWD ornament looked like…. a chewed off arm…a disemboweled torso… Surprisingly, I found a nice list and this Walking In a Winter Wonderland ornament is cool and says Zombie Christmas.

More ornaments than zombies in the herd

Game of Thrones
Do they celebrate Christmas in Westeros? If they do, I imagine they just trim the tree with the bones of the vanquished. This ornament with the map of Westeros is in traditional ornament style and would be a beautiful addition to any tree.

Almost as many Game of Thrones ornaments as the number of characters who George Martin killed off

Dr. Who
Dr. Who has been around longer than I have. (Dr. Who premiered in 1963. I premiered in 1964.) 2016 wasn’t really an active year, with Series 9 ending in 2015, and Series 10 being slated for 2017, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm for Dr. Who fans. In choosing an ornament to begin the collection with, was there any doubt that a TARDIS was the place to start? I went with the blown glass look of a Christmas ornament from days of yore. I love that classic look.

Lots and lots of Dr. Who ornaments

Gilmore Girls
I make no claim of being a Gilmorian. Haven’t seen a single episode. Ever. But the when the Luke’s Diner signs started showing up in the real world, it certainly caught my attention. So…the Luke’s Diner was the Christmas ornament I went with.
The return of GG wasn’t the only present this year. A list of GG ornaments works too. 

Video Games
So many video games, so many choices. Hard to pick a favorite. So, how about a classic, like Super Mario Brothers?
Some cool video game themed ornaments

No matter your favorite Geek theme, there is a way for you to add a little Geek to your Christmas. Whether it is for your tree, or you start a collection for your kids to take with them when it is their time to leave the nest, there are so many choices out there. One of the things that is absolutely true is that it isn’t the presents you get that make the Christmas special. It’s the memories that you make that you can revisit from year to year. A cool ornament collection is one way to do that.

Pete Herr is the author of “10 Things We Should Teach You In High School and Usually Don’t”. He is the oldest geek in the Geekiverse by a factor of two. Follow Pete Herr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram . If you don’t he gets Grumpy. You don’t want to see him Grumpy.


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