“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Trailer Breakdown

The first full trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it offered fans a glimpse into the MCU’s first film dedicated to everyone’s favorite web-slinger…


Homecoming director Jon Watts had promised fans a different Spider-Man film, and a different Spider-Man, than we had ever seen on film before.  Gone is the older, comic-book inaccurate (yet, in many ways, fan favorite) Tobey Maguire version.  Gone is the darker portrayal,but spot on interpretation, by Andrew Garfield.  This Spider-Man is a high school kid, and Watts promised to deliver a Spider-Man movie that felt like a John Hughes film, but stayed true to the legendary character.  The first trailer shows every indication of this.


Fans get to see Peter, brought to life by Tom Holland, in High School with his best friend, played by Jacob Batalon.  They are mesmerized by the object of their affection, Liz Allan (Laura Harrier).  This ogling comes to screeching halt at the hands of Michelle (Zendaya) who proclaims the duo “Losers.”  It’s made clear that Peter is still just a kid, an outsider of sorts, but his aspirations of being a hero make him desire a life far beyond the walls of his school.

We were given our first look at the villainous Adrian Toomes aka Vulture, the prime antagonist of this film, depicted in Homecoming by the ever superior Michael Keaton, who clearly means business, and clearly wanted to complete his “terrifying winged animals” trilogy, by taking on this role.  The Vulture’s gear looks like high-tech military grade flight gear not completely unlike the flight pack Sam Wilson wears as the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.  His mask might also make MCU fans think of the one Star Lord wears in Guardians of the Galaxy.  A closer glimpse was also given to the “talons” worn on Toomes feet, clearly designed to allow the wearer to land on unsteady ground such as rooftops, but will ultimately be utilized as dangerous weapons in the Vulture’s arsenal.


There was no lack of Spidey action as well, as we were shown the hero foiling a bank robbery by “the Avengers” (think less “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” and more the Point Break President’s variety), spider-quips and all.  We see several scenes of him climbing up walls and even being caught by his bestie Ned crawling on the ceiling (which then breaks into the obligatory shirtless Marvel hero with a chiseled physique scene).  The most impressive scene in the trailer is one which takes place after the Vulture (we’re assuming) bombs a cruise ship of sorts.  The trailer then allows us to bare witness to Spider-Man in a crucifiction-esque pose holding the 2 pieces of the boat together with his webbing.  Truly Spectacular.


Now, no critique of this first international trailer would be complete without mentioning omnipresent Tony Stark, and how he will factor into this film.  He is being portrayed as a mentor to Peter, the one who builds his new suits and tech for him (2 words: Web Wings!), but also wants to protect him as well, knowing that he’s 15.  Parker feels as if Tony is holding him back, with the line “I’m sick of him treating me like a kid all the time!”  It’s indicated through the trailer that Peter will do his best to take on this threat alone (the Vulture, possibly other threats such as the Tinkerer and the Shocker as well, as both are confirmed for this film) as a way of proving his worth to the billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist. The trailer ends with the proverbial money shot,  Spider-Man swinging through NYC with Iron Man flying right beside him.


Other notable scenes include:

  • Donald Glover & Logan Marshall-Green with some sort of hardcore explosive gun in the forest.  There’s been no confirmation on who these 2 are playing, but the odds are that they’re villains of some sort.
  • Marisa Tomei looking frantic as Aunt May.  I’m very curious to see the type of dynamic and relationship she has with Peter.
  • Happy Hogan walking behind Peter & Tony.  Everyone should be happy to see Happy again.
  • Spider-Man springing off of the Washington Monument, over a helicopter and releasing his web-wings.
  • Tony appearing to have a tender moment with Peter, and Peter hugging him back, only to be informed by Stark that he’s not hugging him, just reaching over to open the limo door for him.  Hilarity ensues.4-homecoming-6For those who were excited for this movie, the first trailer will only put you further aboard the hype train.  For those skeptical about ANOTHER Spider-Man reboot, this should indicate that this movie has the potential to be an amazing game changer for the character.

    Spider-Man: Homecoming has a release date of July 7, 2017


    Lou Mattiuzzo is a full time teacher, full time Dad, full time husband & full time superhero enthusiast.  He wholly believes this will be the best Spider-Man film yet







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